“You’re Overeating, You’re Lazy, You’re Undisciplined”: 55YO Power Lifter and Bodybuilder Rings Alarm Bells About a Growing Epidemic and Shuns “Oversimplification”

With the evolution of promoting staying fit, people are often seen running behind trainers and fitness enthusiasts, following them in order to have a greater grip on leading a healthy lifestyle. However, in that pursuit, a lot of people forget that different body types react to different diets and regimes and they either end up blaming themselves or being blamed for not trying hard enough.

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The 55 YO powerlifter and bodybuilder, recently took the opportunity of shedding light on the several other factors that come into account in the journey of transformation and shared his disappointment in people oversimplifying the process.

Stan Efferding shuns the process of oversimplification


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Stan Efferding was invited to be featured in one of the episodes of the Modern Wisdom podcast hosted by Internet figure Chris Williamson, who holds a very significant role in the realm of bodybuilding by unraveling the journeys of elite bodybuilders. He captioned this episode, “Do this to build muscle, burn fat & get healthy.” 

As the video progressed Stand Efferding shed light on a very important epidemic that is being spread in the fitness community. He spoke about how people often take the journey of transformation as a rather easy one and goes on to say that there are a lot of other things to consider. People who take time to get there, are often blamed for not following the proper protocol as guided.


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He said, “I think also that when you talk about calories and calories out, it seems to blame the victim, the individual who’s having a hard time losing weight, they become, you blame them, “You’re overeating, you’re lazy, you’re indiscipline”, without taking in other accounts that go into that. It’s just an oversimplification”. He once even pointed out how important it is to have originality in the regime according to the understanding of one’s body and the importance of letting the muscles recover.

Stan Efferding highlighted the importance of recovery

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Efferding shared the key points of the process of recovery after working out. As he goes on, he mentions the elements that help boost the process of recovery – sleep, correct calorie intakeand evenly spaced four meals throughout the day. He also stated how it is important to lead an active life even when you are outside the gym.


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He takes the example of the increasing desk jobs people have which restrict them to four walls and a chair, creating most of the problems. This also causes an individual to refrain from doing physical activities and it is important that one comes out of it and lead an energetic life. What is your take on the advice of Stan Efferding? Share with us in the comments section below!

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