“You’re 400 Pounds, That’s Fantastic”: Bodybuilding Coach Gives a Brutal Reality Check to Both Men and Women of America

The modern world is pretty much fast-paced and is entirely influenced by social media. With the prevalence of disorders like Body Dysmorphia and body image issues, promoting body positivity is utterly a significant drive. However, it is also important to note that in some cases, not speaking up about people living an unhealthy lifestyle because it is a disgrace to point out someone who might be overweight or underweight can lead to serious clinical problems.

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The IFBB Bodybuilding coach, who never misses an opportunity to point his finger at someone who is not living a healthy lifestyle, once again, with his extensive knowledge in the field, unraveled a rather important insight for all the native Americans.

Greg Doucette talks about the average weight of a person in America


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Greg Doucette recently took to his official Instagram account @gregdoucetteifbbpro and shared a video where he himself spoke about what should ideally be the average weight of an individual. Well, he also compiled some discussions made by certain people in the video, to know what the mass thinks should be the ideal weight.

As the video begins, the IFBB Pro Coach goes about by saying, “Have you ever wondered how much an average American male or female actually weighs? Or have you ever wondered how much they should weigh?” As the question ends, three people sit and discuss that it should be ideally 150 pounds. Doucette is shocked to hear this and says that most of them are, in that case, overweight.

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He goes about mocking people who promote not taking actions in the name of body positivity and says, “The average person is overweight, so what do people do? Oh, you look so beautiful, more of you to love. You’re 400 pounds, that’s fantastic. Which is not”. Well, the reason he points out that something must be done if you are obese is because he himself has been through all these phases, which is why he understands the importance of taking a step when necessary. All the phases are what has turned him from being a bodybuilder to a coach.


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The extensive knowledge that turned Greg Doucette from a bodybuilder to a fitness coach

Greg Doucette is one of the most significant figures when it comes to changing the notions in the fitness world and it is all because of his experiences and the knowledge that he has acquired in the sport. He makes sure that no one makes the mistakes that he has made, and never shies away from explicitly talking about something that is wrong.

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He has been immensely supportive of body positivity and self-acceptance, but he knows the boundaries of when it is important to work on oneself. The IFBB Pro Coach even has a cookbook published that has several healthy diets and high-protein recipes, all crafted by himself for people in the process of transformation. He desires to help athletes achieve their desired physique, warning them about the nasty side of the sport. What are your thoughts on Greg Doucette? Let us know in the comments section below!

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