“Your Government Is Destroying You”: Demanding Back Strenuous Physical Education From the 1960s, Fitness World Rips Apart the Modern Systems in Place

Bodybuilding has been around since the 1920s and even before that keeping oneself fit and healthy was one of the most important aspects of life, as there is a saying, ‘health is wealth’. However, in the present scenario, especially in America, there has been a downfall in fitness and health and a rising concern for obesity. Even strongman and powerlifters such as Stan Efferding have some concerns about the increasing calorie intake and obesity among American citizens.

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In this light, Charlie Kirk, an American Conservative activist, and radio talk show host uploaded a video about the high school physical training class that happened in the 1960s. The video clearly showed how vastly different the physical training of the 60s and the present are.

Charlie Kirk raises concerns for the health of Americans


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Kirk is a founder of Turning Point which is a nonprofit organization that advocates for conservative politics in educational institutions in America. Kirk uploaded a video where he showed the audience the training and workout regime for men in high schools in the 1960s. As the video starts, the voiceover says, “People are shocked at what American high school gym class looked like in the 1960s.” The footage was of a school among the 4,000 schools in America that followed the La Sierra method of physical training program that was supposed to be the model training process by John F. Kennedy, the then president of the USA.

The La Sierra physical exercise book was a handbook in 1966, where the minimum number of push-ups that a high school student must be able to do is 16. Further, the voiceover said, “ and they should have at least a 7 ½ minute mile run.” The most prestigious position was in the Blue Team where to qualify, the high school student needed to do 12 handstand push-ups and 14 pull-ups, which are extremely difficult. The voiceover explained the rules of the La Sierra form of training. The video showed how high school boys had lean and chiseled muscles and thousands of students lined up to train in the field every day. 

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The voiceover also explained that one in six children in America is obese in the present. Finally, the voiceover said that it was impressive how in the 1960s, health and fitness were taken seriously by the government of America, and what would happen if this regime came back? Charlie questioned the present government, “What is in our food? Why is testosterone it’s going down so much.? Why is America so unhappy?” He further said, “The masters of our modern society, want you on the couch depressed staring at a screen. Maybe we should get back to how things once were.” The fans echoed his reaction and agreed with him.


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Followers agree with Charlie’s concern

Every comment was not against the norms that followed for fitness in the 1960s. One follower expressed sorrow and said, “It’s sad we’ve gotten further and further away from this. Basic physical fitness is a necessity, not an option.” Another follower disagreed with this and said, “I went to high school in the 60’s I’m calling total bulls***.”

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A netizen compared his own health to a person younger than his, and said, “It’s no wonder why the vast majority of our country is out of shape and miserable. I’m 54 and in better shape than most 24 year Olds.” A follower expressed, “Love it, average everyday citizens looking like warriors ready for anything you throw at them. Bring this back!” One follower even pointed out something grave, “Compare the ingredients between the US and UK and you will start to understand that they are using the Americans for testing, your government is destroying you, look at your educational system right now can’t even tell the difference between a country and a continent …. wake up.” Finally, a follower accused the government, and said, “People that work out have a mind of their own. The government doesn’t want that. Obedience and obesity are what they need from you.” 


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Do you agree with them? Should the fitness rules of the 1960s make a comeback? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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