“Young Blood Can’t Keep Up”: Ripped at 52, Mark Wahlberg Outtrains His Younger Peers to Leave Fitness World Gasping at His Physical Prowess

Some people might believe that it is impossible to achieve fitness in the 50s.. But several bodybuilding legends like Mike O’Hearn, and movie stars like Mark Wahlberg, are proving this notion wrong. The “Ted” actor is a celebrity who does not work out just for aesthetic appeal, but truly takes fitness seriously and trains for it.  

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His perfectly toned abs and chiseled physique have often made people wonder if he was aging backwards. His leanness and conditioning make people awestruck every day and sometimes, even personalities younger than him cannot be on par with the actor during workouts. 

Mark Wahlberg floors younger bodybuilders with his power


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Wahlberg was seen working out with Youngblood a.k.a Bradley Kraut and two other gym freaks in a new Instagram reel. They all were wearing T-shirts from Municipal, a brand by Wahlberg. Kraut was very excited about the opportunity, and he pointed out that there was a blend of two different eras in the gym.

Krayt stated, “I know you guys are a little older, we’re younger, a little new mix with some old, it’s about love.” Even though Krayt was almost 30 years younger than Wahlberg, “The Gambler” actor seemed fitter in the gym. 

Fans also pointed out that Wahlberg had age defying and limitless power when it came to bodybuilding. His six-pack abs and pumped-up biceps knocked the air out of the other three bodybuilders.


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Fans hail Mark Wahlberg as the ultimate OG

All the comments by the followers were about how Wahlberg was surpassing a bodybuilder 30 years younger than him. One fan commented on his progress and said, “Youngblood can’t keep up with @markwahlberg Get it guys!!!” One fan confessed about their wish and said, “I wanna train with Mark man.” 

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A follower quoted Kraut and wrote, “I know you guys are a little older haha Dude not sure if you realise but Mark looks 10 years younger than you.” Another follower was inspired by the actor’s morning routine, and said, “This is inspiring. What a way to start a Monday morning. Let’s GO!!!” Another commented on the workout session and wrote, “Nice workout.”


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The actor and fitness influencer truly proves that age is just a number and physical power does not depend on how young a person is. Do you think Mark Wahlberg could compete with Mike O Hearn? Tell us in the comments below.

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