“You’ll Never Guess Who Did It”: Liver King Continues the Shocking Story of Getting His Eye Seriously Injured Amid Asking for “Blessings”

Brian Johnson, A.K.A. Liver King, recently injured his eye and has been wearing an eye patch for a while now. He posted about the same on his website and Instagram a few days ago. After seeing such a picture, his fans have been wondering what might have happened to him. Fitness influencer and social media star finally revealed what happened to his eye and why he’s been wearing an eye patch. A few days ago, Brian Johnson shared a video and pictures of his eye injury but didn’t disclose the cause.

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Johnson, known for his ancestral lifestyle, has now stopped the buzz about his injury and explained the shocking reason behind his damage. He took to his Instagram and showed how the incident occurred, leading to surgeries. This revelation has left everyone astonished.

Liver King unveiled the reason behind the horrific injury


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People started speculating about this. Many believed that he tried weird things for his YouTube channel, and during that, he must have hurt himself. But the reason differs from speculation, as he mentioned in his caption, “You’ll never guess who did it… or perhaps you will?

The 45-year-old fitness influencer said in his reel video “I know it’s so embarrassing. I’m gonna show you how I did it. So, note the safety glasses. I’m doing the face pools with double bands, and I have them around the doorknob. Boom, boom, boom, snap. It comes off the anchor point, both of them. Four impacts: two fists to the head, bands right into the eye, and then head to the floor. Out fu**g cold. That’s how I did a number on myself.” The demonstration is quite believable, although he was really stunned by the outcome, as such tiny equipment can cause harm, which can lead to permanent damage to the eye.

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As everyone expected, his dire situation must have happened during some big adventure, but it is surprising, as he mentioned in his caption, “wish this story was more heroic, but it’s not… it’s a case of Liver King getting to f*cking work… perhaps even getting too creative for my own good.” Liver King mentioned in one of his videos that he lost a lot of blood afterward, and the doctor said he might not get the vision back from that eye again. So, he asked his fans to show their love and give him “blessings“.

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Moreover, Liver King believed in fighting back and not giving up on this. He needs all the strength; that’s why he asked for help and people’s love and support. “All I know is this: Whatever the outcome, the good, or bad, it’s all good. Because life is what we make of it. It’s a grand adventure. So, fill it with love, fill it with adventure, fill it with purpose,” he said in the video.


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What do you think about Liver King’s recent revelation? Is it part of getting the fame and credibility back? Let us know in the comments.

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