“You Overall Look 100 Times Better Than All of Them”: Bodybuilding World Enraged Over 3XARNOLD Classic Champ Being Robbed off a Better Position After He Came 3rd in Legion Sports Fest

The world of bodybuilding was abuzz as the Ifbb Pro Legion Sports Fest unfolded. Competitors from different corners converged, flexing and showcasing their dedication, hard work, and chiseled physiques. 3x Arnold classic champ, Andre Ferguson shone brightly, securing an impressive third place.

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Ferguson’s journey to this placement was a synthesis of rigorous training, determination, and strategic planning. His accomplishments at the event were not just a testament to his physique but also his mental and emotional resilience. The bodybuilding arena is as much a mental game as it is a physical one, and Ferguson clearly demonstrated his mastery over both.

Andre Ferguson: Rising above competition


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The competition was fierce, with each participant bringing their best to the stage. Ferguson, taking to his social media, shared an image with fellow competitors, an emblematic capture of both camaraderie and rivalry. “Definitely Happy with the package we brought,” his caption read. His positivity was visible, especially with the mention of his plans to fine-tune his act for the much-awaited 2023 Mr. Olympia. He expressed optimism about making necessary adjustments, especially in his front pose.

In his post, he also reserved special praise for Holden, winner of the fest. His words for Kyron Holden were not just of a fellow competitor but seemed more like that of a friend and well-wisher. “Huge Congrats and S/O to the homie @kyron_igm on taking the Win!!! Dude defff brought that heat,” Ferguson’s caption read. It was evident that behind the intense competition, there exists a robust framework of mutual respect and admiration.

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An added cherry on the cake was the alignment of the event with his birthday. As he celebrated his special day amidst the competition. But while personal celebrations marked one side of the coin, the competitive side was not without its debates.

Bodybuilding fan reactions and the debate


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The announcement of Ferguson’s third-place finish led to a flurry of reactions, especially from his fan base. Many felt that the placement did an injustice to his performance. One fan commented, “Deserved #2 but still killed it,” indicating that a higher placement was more fitting for Ferguson. Another remarked, “Should’ve placed 2nd imo.”

Several others were more vociferous in their disagreement with the judgment. One emphatically stated, “There is no way you deserved 3rd you overall look 100 times better than all of them.” A similar sentiment was echoed by another fan who questioned, “How did @luckylibra213 not win 2nd wtf!” While some just expressed their sheer disbelief, stating, “You looked better than 3rd brotha, no question.”


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The uproar in the bodybuilding community regarding the 3X Arnold Classic Champ’s third-place finish at the Legion Sports Fest is a testament to his incredible talent and fanbase’s loyalty. Such controversies remind us of the subjectivity in judgments, even in arenas defined by apparent physical prowess and precision.

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