“You Need to Have Bal*s to Say”: Proud of Chris Bumstead’s Brother-in-Law’s Decision, ‘The Miracle Bear’ Praises Him for His Courage

Bodybuilding as a sport started with individuals passionate about sculpting their bodies into something magnificent. As years went by, people started having different goals and agendas behind entering bodybuilding, which included contests and competitions. However, the general reason for participating in any sport still continues to remain the passion behind it. As one of the bodybuilders had recently made a choice to leave the arena, it had left most of the community in shock.

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Iain Valliere, Chris Bumstead’s brother-in-law, had announced his retirement a while back. CBum and Valliere’s bond goes beyond their gym collaborations. Not only was Iain Bumstead’s former coach, they were also good buddies. In a recent video on his YouTube channel Chris Bumstead, along with Urs Kalecinski, discussed Valliere.

Urs Kalecinski and CBum talk about Iain Valliere


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The latest video uploaded by Chris Bumstead on his YouTube channel featured Urs Kalecinski. The video, although about an intense arm workout session, also brought up several other discussions. One of them was the recently retired bodybuilder Iain Valliere. Kalecinski speculated on the struggle Valliere must have gone through. Hence, he stated, “I don’t know how you can like, stay in it like this for five fucking years, straight.” He also remarked, “You need to have fucking ba**s to say like, ‘Hey I’m not feeling it at all.”

When CBum heard that, he instantly revealed the change that he had noticed in Valliere. He said, “Yeah, he’s genuinely so much happier now, too. Yeah, you can see it.” Thus, giving regard to the choices made by his brother-in-law, Bumstead displayed how such a drastic decision is actually helping the former bodybuilder.

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On the other side, Bumstead continues to keep his fans about his physique and physical difficulties. He also delved into his mental health, something that could have been a thing of concern for his Mr. Olympia appearance.


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Chris Bumstead gives a Mental Health Update

In his YouTube video titled, “Mental Update: 2 Weeks Out Mr. Olympia”, CBum addressed how he had been dealing with several aspects of his daily life and how it was hampering his career, and vice versa. In the video, he stated, “Just over two weeks out, locking and loaded, getting down too right now. My weight’s creeping down, fatigue is creeping in, getting leaner and leaner every morning. This is one of those times where it’s so cool at the end of the prep because everything you do, you notice,” 

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In the world of bodybuilding, people often discontinue their journey after they realize their comfort and contentment are getting compromised. For Iain Valliere, that was the case. As the bodybuilding community bid him farewell, his close friend and well-wisher, CBum, speaks highly of the right decision he made. Do you think Valliere’s decision was right? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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