“Yes, This Election Was Rigged”: 12 Years After Retirement, Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Politicians Artful Liars Ahead of Presidential Election 2024

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly one name that has shaped the sport of bodybuilding, in and out. But Arnie is not at all famous for one reason. As a governor and a public representative, Schwarzenegger has left an immense amount of good examples that one might expect from any governor but gets to see being implemented by a few.

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The Austrian Oak, who had been the 38th Governor of California, has always been straightforward with his opinions. The former politician thus makes another shocking statement that took the citizens in a whirlwind. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s opinion on politicians


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In the latest interview with The New York Times, Arnold made a bold statement by addressing the most discussed controversy of the political spectrum. He pronounced that politicians are great orators who can shapeshift between being a truthful, respectable man to a liar. Thus, he remarked, “These guys can lie better than anybody.” Then he further articulated, “Some people do that in order to get re-elected. For that, they will say, ‘Yes, this election was rigged.’”

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Furthermore, he also stated that if the lie detectors scrutinized the politicians, they would speak different things. Being a former politician himself, Arnie, concludes his declaration by saying that they have to use their “schmäh” in their game.

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Arnie is extremely revered and feared by a lot in both the political and bodybuilding industries. But he has a completely different version of himself when among his granddaughters.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nickname that he got from his grandkids

When Arnie addressed his uncertainty before his first grandchild, Lyla, was born in 2020, he revealed extreme anxiousness about whether he could become a great-grandfather. However, a few years later, he reveals a sweet information which relates to his bond with his granddaughters. Arnie declared that Lyla calls him “Opa”. Thus, the former governor, whose nickname once used to be “the Austrian Oak”, now gets the cute nickname of Opa. As the news goes viral, the entire internet melts in an instant.

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Bodybuilding is a tough race which Arnie won honestly. Politics as a field would thus never cease to shock him. As it always brings about some sort of dishonesty and falsity, Schwarzenegger thus calls those out. Do you like Arnie more because of his upright opinions or because of his honesty? How difficult do you think it is for a bodybuilder to turn into a politician? Let us know about your take on this in the comments below.


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