Worried About His Fat Intake, 21-YO Viral Fitness Influencer Finds Smart Solution to Still Eat Out at $10 Billion Worth Food Franchise

From the Mr. Olympia stage in the 1970s to social media channels in recent times, bodybuilding has seen rapid evolution in popularity. While the earlier bodybuilders impressed the crowd posing on the elite stages, the current bodybuilding icons are opting for Instagram and YouTube channels to impress their followers. One of the biggest bodybuilding stars on social media is Sam Sulek. 

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Known for his ripped physique, the fitness influencer enjoys 1.2M followers on Instagram and 1.1M subscribers on YouTube. The 21-year-old keeps his fans updated about his training routine through his YouTube videos. His latest upload spills beans on how to reduce calories despite eating at Subway. 

Sam Sulek’s brilliant tip to avoid unwanted calories at Subway


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Bodybuilders are cautious about the body fat percentage during their training regime. Despite not competing in professional events, Sulek never compromises on the bodybuilding principles. So, he came up with a trick to avoid consuming excess calories while eating at the $10 billion worth of fast-food outlet, Subway. 

The viral bodybuilding icon shared a video in which he was in a car, driving to get some essentials. While detailing his purchase list, Sulek said, “Something a little bit more related to lifting, I’m going to get some low-fat mayonnaise.” He went on to reveal the reason for his purchase, “Because anybody that’s asked for Mayo at Subway, they spread that stuff all over.”

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So that’ll be a little bit of a hack right there,” the young bodybuilder confessed. Further explaining his trick, Sulek added, “Because usually, I’d say they throw on about 20 grams of fat worth of mayonnaise. Whereas if I ask for no mayonnaise and then add the low fat myself once I get home, I could cut that 200 calories down to only 45.” However, the fitness community is sometimes worried about Sulek’s rapid gains. 

A famous fitness Influencer is worried about the 21-year-old’s future


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The ripped physique of Sulek often stuns netizens as they debate over his natty status. Given his muscle gains, many believe the 21-year-old is on a PED cycle. Even elite fitness influencer Jeff Cavaliere believes Sulek built his body “with heavy assistance of drugs.”

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While glorying Sulek for his genetics and potential, Cavaliere never underestimates the risk involved. “If he was my son… I would be terrified,” he said while speaking about Sulek. Not just the 48-year-old, many fitness enthusiasts are concerned about Sulek’s bodybuilding journey.


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Sam Sulek is determined to build his body, and his Subway trick reflects his attitude toward calorie-dense foods. His fans only hope for Sulek’s longevity in bodybuilding. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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