World’s Strongest IFBB Pro Was Wasting Time With Heavy Bench Presses Until Legend Flex Wheeler Helped Him to Build Huge Pecs

Flex Wheeler is revered by bodybuilding fans despite never winning the Mr. Olympia title. Known as the Sultan of Symmetry, the 58-year-old impressed Arnold Schwarzenegger with his impeccable physique during his time. The 4x Arnold Classic winner also helped bodybuilders learn techniques at the gym that could build terrific muscles.

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Recently, the World’s strongest IFBB Pro, Stan Efferding, spilled the beans on his favorite chest routine that he learned while training with the Sultan of Symmetry.

Stan Efferding’s pec gains are due to Flex Wheeler


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The bodybuilders use various workout techniques at the gym to build each muscle in the body. While biceps, triceps, and quads elevate the physique, it is the pec muscles that determine the shreddedness of bodybuilders. Efferding confessed he was wasting time benching to build his chest until he encountered Wheeler’s training secret.

Revealing his favorite chest workout routine on the Modern Wisdom podcast, Efferding said, “I like the incline dumbbell press. Just a slight incline dumbbell press. I did a lot of heavy benching in my career, and I never built my pecs as well as when I trained with Flex Wheeler using incline dumbbell presses.

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They allow more depth, and they allow independent rotation of the shoulders. So, I get less potential shoulder injury,” The Vertical Diet founder explained. The show host, Chris Williamson, then noted that this is the one specific exercise that every person on his podcast mentioned as their favorite. Not just Efferding, but even Ronnie Coleman benefited from Wheeler’s Master Plan.

The Sultan of Symmetry’s contribution to Ronnie Coleman’s success


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Flex Wheeler’s terrific symmetry during his prime stunned the bodybuilding world. In 1993, he took second place in the Mr. Olympia event. But Ronnie Coleman was still far from getting noticed in the bodybuilding arena. The King’s reign of Mr. Olympia only started in the late 1990s.

So, before Coleman was a sensation, Wheeler helped him win a bodybuilding competition. “I laid the whole game work down, and next year he started doing well,” Wheeler once confessed about ColemanFurther, the bodybuilding icon revealed that Coleman had even defeated him in one competition after that.


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Flex Wheeler is a bodybuilding champion who amassed great knowledge about the sport during his career. Despite losing a leg due to health issues, the bodybuilding maestro promotes the sport by coaching rookie bodybuilders. Does Flex Wheeler’s story inspire you? Let us know in the comments below!

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