Worked in Family Concrete Business as a Teenager, Bodybuilding Legend Pays the Price at 50: “This Started From Early Concrete Days”

The legendary bodybuilder, often considered the greatest of all time, has been opening up about his early life a lot lately. He shared stories about his family’s concrete business, which played a significant role in his life. How his family’s business affected his daily schedule and, after he graduated, they wanted him to join the family venture. But Jay Cutler had other dreams. He wasn’t sure about his career path initially. Because he was studying criminal psychology with the intention of becoming a police officer.

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Four times Mr. Olympia’s journey took a surprising turn, and he chose to pursue a career in bodybuilding instead, diverted from both his family’s business and a career in law enforcement. However, in his recent appearance, he discussed how the family and their concrete business continued to impact his life.

Jay Cutler’s revelation of not having a proper body clock


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Recently, Cutler openly shared his routine, reaffirming his commitment to transparency. The 50-year-old, known for his honesty and candid approach, continued to be open with his fans and supporters. His honesty made people believe in him and it also helped him connect with them. Thru, his social media platforms, he not only shares about his life but also guides them.

In a recent Instagram story, the bodybuilding beast had to suffer a lot since his childhood. Firstly, his broken knee made his legs look different because the doctors operated wrong. Now, he revealed that his family’s business made it hard for him to have a regular daily routine, affecting his body clock.

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I don’t think my body necessarily has a clock. I mean, this started from the early concrete days. You know, working in the family business, we really never shut off time. It was like certain days super early starts,” said Cutler in the video. But he was persistent in his training, no matter what. and he followed this to date.

Cutler asked people to share their workout routine

Cutler continued and added, “It seemed to be always late nights. So for me, I never really found a time that I trained that was always absolutely necessary to train. As long as I get the work done, that’s all that seems to matter to me. Like I said, it depends on how lengthy my days are. I use the training as a huge outlet for me. What about you guys?”


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Even though the concrete business disrupted his daily routine, it remained crucial in his training sessions. Unlike others, he works out whenever he wants or needs to because having the right training is all that matters to him, regardless of the challenges he may face. At the end of the video, he asked about people’s workout approaches. So, what’s your drill procedure? Let us know in the comments below.

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