With Mr. Olympia 2023 Just Around the Corner, Chris Bumstead Feels the Pressure in His Physique: “Weight’s Creeping Down, Fatigue Is Creeping In”

Bodybuilding is really tough and needs tons of dedication and hard work. It’s even harder when you’re already a Classic Physique champ like Chris Bumstead. Since 2016, he’s been a big name at the Olympia stage, winning four times in a row, and now, he’s aiming for his fifth title.

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As the important day approaches, athletes are getting more stressed. Bumstead is no different, and he talked about it in a recent YouTube video. Let’s find out what he said.

Chris Bumstead gives insights into his mental health 


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While Bumstead appears to be growing and improving every year he steps on the stage, his legendary coach Hany Rambod is making sure he gets the appropriate dryness as well as fullness required to win the title yet again. Even though he appears ready, he admitted in a recent YouTube video about how his prep and mental health has been lately. The video was titled “Mental Update: 2 Weeks Out Mr. Olympia.”

“Just over two weeks out, locking and loaded, getting down too right now. My weight’s creeping down, fatigue is creeping in, getting leaner and leaner every morning. This is one of those times where it’s so cool at the end of the prep because everything you do, you notice,” Bumstead stated. 

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Giving an example of the same, he explained that during the last few days of prep, even the slightest changes are actually visible to the naked eye.


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Chris Bumstead makes an exciting revelation 

Before a competition, athletes usually reduce salt and monitor their water and calorie intake. They tweak these factors based on how their body responds. When you have very low body fat, even small changes in these things are noticeable, even though building muscle or losing fat takes time.


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Talking about the same, Bumstead revealed, “If I have like an extra 100 grams of carbs, I look fuller the next day, If I have a little bit of this, I lose half a pound and I look drier. And everything, like every little thing that you change down to sodium, calories, cardio, training, rest days, your body looks different.” What are your views on Bumstead’s revelation? Let us know in the comments.

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