With a Broken Bicep and Frail State From a Near-Fatal Condition, Powerlifter Larry Wheels Crushes 600 Lbs Benchpress on Incline With Ease

Going to the gym and training rigorously can be a question of consistency, however, after a fitness enthusiast undergoes surgery for their injuries the scope for the gym looks bleak for some. However, not all bodybuilders can agree to the idleness of being because of their injuries. Several dozen examples also include the 28-year-old powerlifter, Larry Wheels.

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Already with two world records, Larry Wheels never bowed down before fate. From poverty to several health concerns, he has seen it all. Thus, after a bit of a recovery period, he conquers another workout session.

Larry Wheels overpowers his injuries and rules over Benchpressing


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In his very recent Instagram post, Wheels shares an old rewarding video with his fans who were there for him when he went through a lot. After hospitals and bed rest, when Larry had finally come out to his gym arena, who knows if he had thought about winning this achievement or not? Thus, even with torn biceps, Larry Wheels dominates the fitness world after his portrayal of bench press.

In the caption that accompanies the Instagram post, Wheels writes while remembering the BTC. He states, “600lb/271kg bench on the incline! @teampersonalrecord wraps back in stock”. The struggle and the glory of the stunt pulled by Wheels can be well understood from the old video.

After suffering for so long and so severely, Larry Wheels produced a sense of anxiety within himself. He had once expressed his curiosity over the looming death after several bodybuilding entities had died.


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Larry Wheels expressed his anxiety over Death

In one of the podcasts after Joesthetics’ death, Larry Wheels openly discussed his concerns over the possibility of death. He talked about the use of PEDs long back, and over time, he started growing anxious and with a conundrum as to when death is coming. He states, “I knew I was pushing my limits with PEDs, nutrition, with training. I was really going to my limits and going beyond that. I had that constant feel like, Well, if I have a heart attack, what if I just wake up one day dead? Don’t wake up at all?”

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Bodybuilders often want to go beyond their capabilities and do something revolutionarily impressing. However, what they do not consider is the health hazards they might overlook, only to realize the mistake years later. When the young bodybuilders are under a life threat a concerned Larry Wheels still crushed his gym endeavors.

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