“Why Would You Take This the Wrong Way”: Despite Upsetting Nick Walker With “Doesn’t Have a Shape” Comment Earlier, Samson Dauda’s Bodybuilding Coach Defends His Views

The debates about who is a better bodybuilder and who does not have that great a physique have been there since the industry started. Decades later, Mr. Olympia and many other bodybuilding contests as such make the bodybuilding world question and compare contestants before the actual competitions. As a group of coaches and bodybuilding experts were listing their final predictions, a concern about offending a participant was brought up.

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In 2022, on his very first attempt, Samson Dauda secured a rank in the Mr. Olympia stage. The confidence boost thus makes his coach proud, undoubtedly. However, his coach, Milos Sarcev had once commented about his rival Nick Walker, and instead of withdrawing his statement, Sarcev, in turn, emphasized it.

Milos Sarcev criticizes Nick Walker


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In the latest YouTube Video posted by Muscle and Fitness, Milos Sarcev shared the screen with Chris Cormier, Dennis James, and Fakhri Mubarak. When Dennis James brought up how Nick Walker would not want to get a negative comment two weeks before Olympia, Sarcev defended himself. He said, “Why would you take this the wrong way? So if I say that he doesn’t have the shape of some other guy, is this like you know, not true? Or I shouldn’t be mentioning?”

Moreover, Sarcev also added another statement. He focused on the fact that he was not in the wrong when he made the previous viewpoint. Thus, he remarked yet again, “You express your opinion and speak the truth and why would you be embarrassed about it”.

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What did Milos Sarcev initially say that might have offended the Mutant? The severity of the statement might have been so rough that even the other bodybuilding experts pointed out how no one would like to hear that right before the contest.


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Milos Sarcev’s initial comment on Nick Walker

In the podcast with Dennis Wolf, Milos pointed out the disadvantages he sees in Nick Walker. As he continued with his criticism, he brought about several “problems” Nick Walker might possess. Milos stated, “Nick Walker, oh boy. I absolutely love the guy and always say exactly the same. Listen, bodybuilding is about size. Yes, he has a chance there.” He also added, “Balance, oh well he has a problem there. Shape, oops there’s another problem.”


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With only a few days in between the curiosity and the published outcome of a long process of training, everyone is eagerly waiting for Mr. Olympia. However, only time can tell whether Milos Sarcev’s comments have any foundation when the real contest comes into play. Do you think Samson Dauda can easily beat Nick Walker? Let us know in the comments below.

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