“Why Does He Smell Like Tuna Fish and Broccoli?”: Basketball Player Turned 7X Mr. Olympia Reveals How Did He End up Chosing Bodybuilding

A lot of athletes have shown that having a clear goal or dream can help them succeed. This was true for one of the best bodybuilders ever. Phil Heath won seven Mr. Olympia titles consecutively because he was really determined and never gave up on his dream.

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The basketball player turned into a bodybuilder, also called “The Gift” by people, because he had amazing muscles, a great body shape, and was in really good shape. He’s tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the second-most wins in Mr. Olympia history. Recently, on his Instagram, Phil talked about his journey into bodybuilding.

Phil Heath’s remarkable journey in bodybuilding


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Phil Heath’s journey in the world of bodybuilding began with a simple, yet strange, encounter that he recounted in his Instagram video. He posed a question in the caption, “Ever wonder how 7x Mr. Olympia started his career?”

Phil Heath’s introduction to bodybuilding was rather unexpected, as he described in his video, “Sitting next to the gentleman who was already in the bodybuilding. Was wondering, why does he smell like tuna fish and broccoli all the time? Right? And he had a few bodybuilders on his laptop screen. I had a model by the name of Brooke Burke.”

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In Phil’s own words about his journey, he said, “And before you know it, I started going to a couple of bodybuilding shows just to support some friends. I got duped into doing a bodybuilding show. And I won. And I can continue to win earning my pro status, and then never placed below fifth place in my entire career training, winning seven Mr Olympia Titles.”


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Earlier, Phil Heath shared a really amazing story about his friend, who became a famous basketball trainer despite challenges. He helps players not only with fitness but also with the right mindset for success.

Phil Heath praises his friend on Instagram

The seven-time Mr. Olympia shared a story on his Instagram to praise his friends. He said, “Just in time to see one of the greatest human beings I know, and that is Tim Grover.” Talking about his other friend, he added, “Shout out to Shari Wenk; talk about cleaners; that’s who she is.”


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Phil Heath, a famous bodybuilder, used to play basketball. He got into bodybuilding and ended up winning seven Mr. Olympia titles, which is a big deal in bodybuilding. What do you think about unexpected moments changing our lives? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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