“Why Do They Look Like Cr*p”: Bodybuilding Community in Absolute Disbelief After Witnessing Bodybuilders From 1941

The sport of bodybuilding has been constantly evolving for decades now. In contrast to earlier times, when judges preferred a softer yet muscular appearance, today’s judges prefer a much bigger and drier appearance. Ever since the 1990s, athletes have been getting bigger than ever. Another point to keep in mind when comparing modern bodybuilding to older eras is the availability of high-end training equipment, steroids, and performance-enhancing drugs.

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IFBB pro coach Milos Sarcev recently posted a video from a bodybuilding show from 1941 where several bodybuilders could be seen walking on the stage and posing. The post led to a wave of surprise among the young lifters in the comments, who pointed out how the athletes are so different from today’s mass monsters.

Milos Sarcev posts a video displaying the essence of bodybuilding


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Serbian bodybuilding veteran Milos Sarcev needs no introduction to bodybuilding fans. Famously known as ‘The Mind,’ Sarcev’s recent Instagram post served as an eye-opener to many who realized what natural bodybuilding looks like. The video was from a show from 1941 that was held in San Francisco.


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The ladies in the audience seemed to enjoy the show with their eyes wide open as the young men flexed their muscles and depicted their aesthetic physiques. The standards of the sport have evolved so much over the past few decades that many people even think of Chris Bumstead’s off-season physique as a ‘dad-bod’. The extensive usage of steroids has led to countless deaths in the sport of bodybuilding, making it a dangerous one, while previously it was considered a sport for ‘health conscious’ people.

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Coming across the post, many from the bodybuilding community expressed their disbelief. Let’s take a look at some of the comments. 

Netizens react to Milos Sarcev’s Instagram post


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One of the users wrote in the comments, “They are truly healthy and handsome mens over that time,” while another person stated, “I’m not sure about those “natty/healthy era” comments. Maybe they didn’t have trenbolone back then but don’t forget that time was full of asbestos, amphetamine sold over the counter, smoking indoors, drinking daily and much more.”

Another joking statement by one of the fans read, “Imma just get a time machine real quick, win myself a bodybuilding show and a loyal woman with awesome cooking skills,” while a fan had a different opinion and wrote, “Why do they look like cr*p.” Inspired by the video, another comment read, “Amazing wow being natural athlete this is inspiring.”


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