Why Did James Cameron Compare Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Character to the “Dark Side of Superman?”

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger made sure to leave a lasting legacy in the realm of bodybuilding before completely switching to Hollywood. Fans of action movies continue to enjoy his iconic Hollywood roles. His most popular role among all was in the ‘Terminator’ franchise, where he acted like a true boss and ruled over the box office back in the day. Canadian filmmaker and director James Cameron did a pretty good job in the movie, as he created one of the best action movies of all time. He realizes the impact that the role of ‘Terminator’ had on the fans and the general public. Let’s take a look at what Cameron has to say exactly about the ‘Terminator.’

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James Cameron gives his honest take on ‘Terminator’

The sci-fi action movie ’Terminator’ was released back in 1984. The movie earned a total of $78.3 million worldwide. The movie won countless hearts thanks to its groundbreaking special effects, iconic characters, and impressive dialogues. Talking about the impact of the role of ‘Terminator,’ Cameron stated, according to imdb.com“It’s fun to fantasize being a guy who can do whatever he wants. This Terminator guy is indestructible. He can be as rude as he wants. He can walk through a door, go through a plate-glass window, and just get up, brush off impacts from bullets.”


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Continuing further, he stated that the role was a massive success because the fans could relate to it. “It’s like the dark side of Superman, in a sense. I think it has a great cathartic value to people who wish they could just splinter open the door to their boss’s office, walk in, break his desk in half, grab him by the throat and throw him out the window and get away with it,” Cameron admitted.

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Despite the success that the franchise got, why did Arnold ditch the franchise after entering politics? Let’s take a look.

The reason behind the franchise’s failure in the later movies


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The initial two parts of ‘Terminator’ earned Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron a fortune. However, Cameron faced a lot of trouble selling the franchise rights, which led to Cameron losing interest in making the third sequel to the movie.

What made things worse was when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to enter the realm of politics. When he transitioned to politics in 2003 and took office as the 38th Governor of California, the franchise lost its relevance.


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Despite all the successes and failures that the franchise enjoyed, fans still hold the movie close to their hearts. What are your views on Cameron’s take on Terminator? Let us know in the comments.

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