“Why Are You Going to School?”: Father of Five, Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Brutal Reality Check to Kids Across the World

Seven-times Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger is the living proof to ‘Dream the impossible dream.’ Growing up in a small village in Austria, Arnold did not have many resources; however, he made sure to turn anything that he touched into gold through his hard work and dedication. After achieving success in the realms of bodybuilding, Hollywood, politics, etc., he decided to share his secrets and life lessons with the public through his upcoming book, ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.’

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Schwarzenegger has mentioned everything that he has learned over the years in his new book, along with stories from his own life. One thing that he believes is lacking in today’s generation is a clear goal for what they want to do in life. He explains that without a clear goal, there is no point to anything in life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gives his two cents on today’s generation


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The past couple of weeks have been hectic for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold has been looking forward to the release of his new book on October 24th and has been promoting his latest work, appearing on interviews, podcasts, talk shows, etc. During an interview with CBS Mornings, Schwarzenegger pointed out, “The most important thing is that kids today don’t have goals. And so what I’m trying to do in this book is to let them know the most important thing is to have a goal, because if you have nothing to chase, then why are you going to school?”

Suggesting a solution for this, Schwarzenegger disclosed that without a goal, a person can never make it big in life. He believes that the problem is that people often underestimate themselves and don’t set goals for themselves, which is a waste of time and resources. “So you have to chase something if you have a goal, whatever that may be, and then it makes it much more fun,” Arnold emphasized.

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However, not all goals come to fruition. Despite having all the riches in life, there is one thing that Schwarzenegger wanted to achieve but was denied. What was it? Let’s take a look.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the POTUS saga


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After serving as Governor of California, Schwarzenegger expressed his desire to run for President of America. However, because he was not born in America and was given citizenship later, he was denied a chance to stand in the elections as per the constitution. However, even years after this happened, Schwarzenegger says, “I think that I would have made a great president.”

During a podcast with Howard Stern, he was asked if it was frustrating for him when he was denied a chance. Replying to this, Schwarzenegger said, “It really wasn’t.” Explaining the reasoning behind this, he stated, “I felt kind of like everything that I’ve accomplished in my life… all because of America,” Arnie said.


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‘The Austrian Oak’ has achieved a lot of success over the years by chasing his goals. We wish him all the luck for his upcoming book.

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