Why Are Bodybuilders Suicidal?”: 48-Year-Old Bodybuilder Delves Into a Critical Subject 2 Years After Surviving a Heart Attack

Kali Muscle is not only famous for his bodybuilding prowess and millions of followers on social media but also for his controversies. The man who detoxified with a watermelon diet even after fainting has been under criticism due to his steroid usage. However, he does not deny it and has talked openly about his heart attacks and unhealthy lifestyle in the past.

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In a recent short video from his channel on YouTube, the 48-year-old gave important points on why bodybuilders are dying so young now or facing health problems. His knowledge regarding this might change many people’s perspectives.

Kali Muscle points out why bodybuilders are suicidal


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In the short video, Muscle gives three reasons why bodybuilders are facing such health problems nowadays and talks about the things to be careful about. He starts the video by talking about the first reason, which is the type of food intake. He asked, “Why are bodybuilders suicidal? We eating all this bad food, and like me, I had a heart attack. Eating Top Ramen, eating just the worst foods known to man, a ton of rice, clogging up our system.”

After that, he says that the second reason is heavy weightlifting, as it can ruin the muscle striations. He talks about straining the body beyond limits. Muscle narrated, “Then, as bodybuilders, we lift weights, and we always want to lift the heaviest weights, and so boom, we are damaging our joints and our ligaments, right? That’s why you see a lot of guys getting muscle tears, and we’re tearing it down.”

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Finally, he comes to supplements and steroids, which are clogging up the arteries. He explained, “We get to the supplements; once I learned what’s in these supplements, I had to back away. Then you get steroids, which harden your arteries and clog you up; I’m a prime example. If you don’t have a mentor, nutritionist, or trainer, you don’t know what you’re doing.” The man who knows the effects of bad or junk food due to jail and steroid usage and even suffered a heart attack two years ago warned youngsters against malpractices in bodybuilding.

Kali Muscle is aware of his well-being


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He previously updated his fans about his health check-up and talked about his blood test. He did the blood work to be assured that his testosterone levels were proper. Muscle said in the video, “So today we’re doing the oxygen tank, and they’re telling me this is supposed to regulate my body and do me real good, especially by me being a fruitarian now and doing a lot of fasting, so we go to go.”

He met with medical staff, who explained to him what the process would do to his body. “The hyperbaric oxygen chamber essentially is going to push pressure into the cell, so when you’re going into the chamber, it’s going to be pressurized. It’s only 4 kPa, so it won’t feel too much pressure on you,” said the medical assistant.


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The session lasted for one hour, and this hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a process that can help in healing wounds, injuries, and infections.  Muscle transformed his lifestyle into a healthy one after suffering a near-fatal heart attack, and that changed his perspective on bodybuilding.

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