Who Is Chris Bumstead’s Soon-to-Be Wife Courtney Alexis King?

The bodybuilding world is aware of the Classic Physique god, Chris Bumstead. The Canadian bodybuilding icon is in full swing with his training routine for Mr. Olympia 2023, just two weeks away. But CBum’s fans also knew his partner, Courtney Alexis King. The couple has been in a relationship since 2018 and was engaged last year.

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From supporting CBum in his preparation to traveling worldwide, Courtney Alexis King makes CBum’s Instagram grid dreamy, apart from his ripped physique updates. However, the 28-year-old ignored King for a while before their love story began. The fitness guru slid into Bumstead’s DMs after the 2018 Mr. Olympia championship, but the Classic Physique bodybuilder ignored her. Courtney King flew to Canada to meet him in person in November of that year, and soon they started dating each other. But who is Courtney Alexis King?


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Chris Bumstead’s fiancé is a Ms. Olympia champion

While many know CBum started competing in bodybuilding events at 19, fans would be surprised to know that his fiancé started her career in the bodybuilding arena at just 17. Courtney Alexis King was Ms. Bikini Olympia in 2016.

The 30-year-old’s love for fitness started when she was successful in completing a small fitness challenge in her teens. “I remember the day I fell in love with the gym like it was yesterday. I was doing barbell walking lunges down a small hallway late at night in my home gym. I was getting to the end of the hall, and I started to cry. Not because I was in physical pain, but because I knew I did it,” she said for the website Vital Proteins.

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Later, she sacrificed the fun of teenage life for living a bodybuilder’s routine, training at the gym, competing across the globe and developing a brand for herself. King earned her IFBB Pro title by 18, and for the next seven years, she climbed the ladder of success in the bodybuilding arena, winning her first Ms. Olympia title at 23.

But the struggle to maintain a title-winning bikini physique is real for Courtney King. But she persevered through all of it. CBum’s wife-to-be competed at the Asia Grand Prix in 2016 and the Arnold Classics in 2017. However, the champion had to quit her run at the bodybuilding competitions at 24.

Why did Courtney Alexis King quit the competitive bodybuilding arena?

In 2017, the bikini bodybuilding champion hit the bottom of her health. Opening up about her plight, Courtney King noted, “My health went out of control. I couldn’t defend my Olympia title, I was in the hospital multiple times for anxiety attacks, painful gut issues that made me feel so depressed and lost because I had no idea what to do & why my body was doing this,” in a candid Instagram post.

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For eight months, the fitness YouTuber struggled with acid reflux issues, severe hair fall, and outbursts of painful acne. The former bodybuilding champion also confessed that her hormone balance was messed up, she gained weight, and she faced mental health issues during that time. In the post, Courtney King also agreed to having body image issues while she prepared to defend her title in 2017, which she couldn’t.

The Vital Proteins website, which is endorsed by King, also claims that she had years without a menstrual cycle, a low-functioning thyroid, and gut issues. But CBum’s partner came out of the crisis by focusing on her mental and physical health and taking a break from bodybuilding competitions. 

Courtney Alexis King announced retirement in 2018


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After struggling with her health severely in 2017, King decided to move on from the bodybuilding sport and announced her retirement in 2018. “At this stage in my life, I have accomplished all I’ve wanted to with competing. I’ve had my fair shares of high times and fair shares of lows. I could go on and on about my journey with the stage and my time in the sport but I will leave it on a positive note walking away and fully knowing in my heart it was the best decision I’ve made,” she wrote in her retirement post. After calling it quits on the competitive arena, the former bodybuilding champion took to the business side of the sport.

CBum’s future wife is now a fitness guru

The 4x Mr. Olympia champion is a gym rat, and his future wife also has the same vibes. Courtney King is a fitness guru and shares workout and diet videos on her YouTube channel. She is also a podcast host, along with her future sister-in-law, Melissa Valliere. On top of all, she is a great cook, and her Instagram and YouTube channels can be a blessing to people looking for healthy and delicious recipes.


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In total, one cannot deny the fact that CBum and Courtney Alexis King are a match made in heaven. Their passion for fitness and a simple and loving life is reflected through their Instagram posts, and fans couldn’t get over their pictures. As the four-time Mr. Olympia champion is ready to fight for his fifth title in the first week of November, Courtney Alexis King will be by his side, praying for his success. And the bodybuilding world is waiting for their wedding pictures. What do you say? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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