“When You Put Love to What You Want”: 61-YO Grandma’s Super Jacked Physique, Having Suffered From ‘Weight Balance’, Inspires the Fitness World to Never Give Up

Fitness enthusiasts never fail to amaze the world with their inspiring journeys. One inspiring story is about Monica Bousquet, a 61-year-old grandmother who began her fitness journey 7 years ago. Today, she has become a fitness influencer and hopes to inspire others who are struggling to prioritize their health.

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Bousquet’s journey serves as a testament to the idea that age should never hinder one’s ability to achieve their fitness goals. Her main objective is to motivate older individuals to start their fitness journeys, just like she did. Let’s delve deeper into her inspiring story.

Monica Bousquet’s incredible journey to fitness!


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The recent video, shared by an Instagram page dedicated to fitness, GymTears, showcases her remarkable achievements, which are her six-pack abs. In the video, she’s been doing intense training that needs strength and unwavering determination.

Bousquet’s path to fitness was not always easy. She openly shared her early struggles with her weight. In one of her videos, she revealed that “My whole life I fought with the weight balance.” Further, she mentioned, “My relationship with weight and with the body was never very good. My father was obese, so I spent my whole life fighting with weight balance.” Despite these challenges, she was determined to approach a healthier lifestyle. According to the SUN, to achieve her goals, she included a balanced diet and regular exercise. She now works out for six days a week.


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Furthermore, her remarkable transformation happened because of her rigorous training. She effortlessly lifts heavy weights and does pull-ups and everything that’s stereotyped as something that only men can do. Her inspiring journey has touched the hearts of people around the world.

Bousquet aspires to inspire the world

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She wants to be a role model for people going through tough times. According to Bousquet, one shouldn’t neglect health even during hard times. Her positive attitude and her commitment to staying fit made her really popular on the internet, garnering her millions of followers on her social media accounts.


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Her journey serves as a beacon of hope to those who fear to start fresh. Her story advocates that everyone should take care of themselves and never give up, despite the obstacles. She is not the only one who has achieved something remarkable in her sixties. There are many in the world who are trying to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. Does Monica Bousquet, a granny of 60-yo inspire you to make your dreams come true? Let us know in the comments below.

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