“When People Passed Me They Saw a Monster”: Bodybuilding Beast Who Wanted to Be Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone Makes a Surprising Revelation About His Childhood

people pIn bodybuilding, guidance is crucial. However, there are exceptional talents who emerged time and again, who believed in the power of teaching themselves. These bodybuilders who disregarded conventions once had their own set of untold stories that might inspire millions of fans. Let us look at one such gem, Illia Golem.

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The 35-year-old bodybuilder from the Czech Republic, Illia Golem, has surpassed many ordinary expectations of normal human beings. His diet plans include such high amounts of calories that he defends his rightful title of the “most monstrous bodybuilder”.

Illia Golem’s insane diet plan shocks the world


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In the recent Men’s Health issue, Illiam Golem is featured with his very unusual food habits. In the article, he reveals how his count of daily calories goes up to a whopping 16,500. The Monster who can bench press up to 272 kilos and deadlift 317 kilos had also revealed that he had always wanted to be like a monster. He also recalled, “As a child I wanted to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone in Rambo. And when people passed me they saw a monster.” Then he disclosed his diet, which begins with 300g of oats and ends with 14 oat pancakes with maple syrup at night.

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Furthermore, Golem also revealed that his 7 meals every day, let him function the best, and help in becoming the monster he is. Weighting 348.3 lbs, the bodybuilder always looked up to his Hollywood Idols and wanted to appear like a monster.

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Not everyone possesses all the material access to fuel their passion, some try their best to attain it. Illia Golem is such an exceptional example.


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Illia Golem’s struggling journey towards bodybuilding

Golem confessed, looking up to both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. In the process, he also revealed how growing up he never had any luxury of getting information through the internet. So all he had relied upon was bodybuilding magazines and his own self. He thus stated, “When I started training there was no internet or social media to learn, I was guided only by my knowledge in magazines and the help of the gym owner.”

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Only inspiration can drive a bodybuilder to get up on stage. Although many do not have all the required guidance or smooth introduction into this industry, they still strive for the top with sheer self-confidence and extreme determination. Do you know of any other such bodybuilder? Let us know in the comments below.

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