“When Is This Nonsense Going to Stop”: CEO of Gym Positivity, Joey Swoll Loses His Cool Over Shocking Behavior in the Gym

Joey Swoll is rated among the most prestigious influencers in the fitness and Bodybuilding world. He has an incredible fan following and the best thing is that people love to listen to him to get fruitful fitness tips and suggestions. This man with a magnetic personality comes up with effective advice on workouts and nutrition that helps people lead a fit lifestyle.

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Although he usually talks about health and fitness, this time he expressed his disappointment with a girl who was making a video in the gym as if it were her home. Joey Swoll caught the attention of his followers by posting an awareness video on Instagram. In the video, he seemed furious and quite disappointed with the girl’s annoying behavior.

What exactly happened in the gym that made Joey Swoll raise his eyebrows?


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 A girl was filming while working out in the gym. Meanwhile, a man can be seen coming her way to put his dumbbell back in its place. The man’s constant interruption during her workout and filming made the girl angry and she threw her weights. This silly behavior of the girl upset many people and made Joey share awareness. 


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By posting a video on his Instagram account, Joey expressed his opinion and criticized the girl’s foolish behavior. Joey and his followers saw eye-to-eye and suggested the girl make videos in her home as the gym is not her personal space. In the video, Joey said, “When is this nonsense going to end I really don’t understand like people get so upset and then post this and acting as if they are victim”. 


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Making his anger clear, he said, “You give that man a dirty look and you say that this man makes you uncomfortable and then you even throw the weights in the end seriously because of what because you filming in the walkway the man used to put his weights back which is what he supposed to do”.

What message Joey tried to convey to the girl in the gym?

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Joey advised the girl that she should build her own personal home gym, train there, and then film there until then she needs to do better and mind her business. Along with this, he said, “it is not his job or anybody’s job to care about your film. The muscular man Joey usually talks about his fitness tips and healthy lifestyle. However, this time he came up with something different that made fans be on his side.


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When will this nonsense stop? said Joey to a girl who was filming during her workout in the gym. She couldn’t bear a man who used the walkway she was using for filming. Is this something that this girl deserves after unacceptable behavior in the public gym? let us know in the comment below.

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