“When Did ‘Disrespect Elders’ Become a Thing”: Shameful Act Against Elderly Person in the Gym Infuriates Fitness World

Social media platforms like Instagram have not only changed the way we share our lives, but also the manner in which we perceive and judge others. In an era where “likes” and “followers” can sometimes overshadow morality and decency. One recent video by Joey Swoll highlighted the unsettling trend in the fitness world of ridiculing those who should be admired.

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Joey Swoll, a renowned bodybuilder, recently spotlighted a disrespectful act from the bodybuilding community on his Instagram account. A young gym-goer took a video of an elderly man working out, captioning it with a derisive comment, suggesting the older man was an inconvenience. This isn’t just an isolated incident; it raises pertinent questions about societal values and the eroding respect for elders.

Joey Swoll reacts to body shaming in the fitness space


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The video in question showed an older gentleman doing a challenging 115-pound goblet squat in the gym. Misrepresented by the caption, the elderly man wasn’t really obstructing anyone. He was merely taking a brief pause by the dumbbell rack, likely due to the hefty weight he was handling. Swoll, in his response, rightly pointed out the man’s positioning, which was nowhere near obstructive. “Yes he’s in front of the dumbbell rack why because 115 pounds is hard for anyone to lug around the gym.”

Swoll praised the elderly man for undertaking such an impressive feat at his age. “A man of his age is not only in the gym but doing 115 pound goblet squat that’s awesome,” Swoll said. According to Swoll, one should be applauding the determination of the older generation, not make fun of them.

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For someone from the fitness world, where the ethos is about encouraging every individual, irrespective of age, gender, or physique, such an act is not just disheartening, but against the very principles that athletes like Joey Swoll stand for. Everyone starts somewhere, and every individual has the right to their journey without being the subject of unwarranted mockery. This incident showcases the bad side of the community but, many in the comments came in support of the elderly man, showcasing the good side of the community.

Bodybuilding fans come out in support


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The majority didn’t share the perspective of the one who uploaded the video. Fans quickly rallied around the elderly gym-goer with words of admiration and respect. One fan commented, “When did ‘disrespect elders’ become a thing”, highlighting the bizarre deviation from traditional values. Another voiced their distaste with the current generation an said, “already been saying, this generation is entitled.”

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The strength of the older man was also a point of discussion. One fan remarked, “He can lift more than him that’s why he’s upset,” suggesting jealousy might have been the real motivator behind the original post. Many simply admired the elderly individual’s dedication, with comments like, “What a strong old man!! respect to him working hard on his health !! Inspiring” and “Wow, he should be applauded for still getting his workouts on!”


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In the world of fitness, the blatant disrespect towards an elderly gym-goer is a stark reminder of shifting values. The fitness community’s response underscores the need for rekindling respect for elders and also the importance in emphasizing core human values over fleeting social media fame.

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