“What the F**k Are Those Rules”: Bodybuilding World Infuriated After IFBB Suspends an Oman Bodybuilder Just 12 Days Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023

In bodybuilding, every athlete dreams of winning the coveted title at least once. Unfortunately, a few athletes had to withdraw from the competition because of their poor conditioning, and one Iranian bodybuilder, Behrouz Tabani, is still waiting for his visa issue to be resolved. But there’s another bodybuilder from Oman whose dream of participating in the 2023 Mr. Olympia was crushed just a few days before the event. He was officially banned from taking part in the contest.

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212 bodybuilder Mazin Al Rahbi’s been training for years to be a part of the magnificent show, but in the unfortunate turn of events, he was suspended for violating the rules of IFBB pro leagues. He’s been showing significant progress over the years. In 2022, he secured a first place at Dubai Pro. Earlier this year, he took part in the 2023 Saudi Classic Pro and was placed second.

IFBB suspended Mazin Al Rahbi for one year


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However, the Ghost of Sparta was thrilled to expect the spectacular bodybuilding event, but now he has to wait another year. He had already qualified and earned his pro card years ago but had to wait because of the immigration problem. He was hoping to get it sorted out soon. And his visa got approved this year, but sadly, fate had other plans for him.


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The Arabian bodybuilder posted a disheartening picture of himself with the caption, “See you in 2024 !! Maybe …” He said in the post, “Officially out of Mr. O and suspended for one year- final decision.” However, a fitness page, Bis and Tris, shared his sad news with people through Instagram. The caption read: “Mazin Al Rahbi [@ifbbpro_dr.mazoon] to miss out on the 2023 Mr. Olympia after receiving a one-year suspension for attending – not competing – and posing at a show that is affiliated with another league. #212Bodybuilding.

The reason for his suspension was his participation in another event. The IFBB’s rule received disapproval and fierce criticism from sports fanatics, who were outraged by this decision.


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Sports enthusiasts supported the athlete and attacked IFBB for banning him

Fans were enraged. One said, “What the f**k are those rules.” Another called this foolish, “Wtf bro, his just trying to make a living, this is so stupid.” People were angry and upset with this. They advised, “The bodybuilding industry is in need of some new innovative and creative people.”

The comment section was filled with such kinds of comments. “The IFBB is a disgrace.” Another read: “What’s the f*ck!! This is bull sh*t this guy is working for two years now he was supposed to be there last year but the visa didn’t work out and he kept fighting to get his second chance and after he got!! This is how we treat hardworking people??”


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However, some people defended the IFBB’s rule. They opined, “It’s probably pretty clear in a contract, but people don’t want to read. Call IFBB petty and all this stuff and maybe they are but the fact is it in writing, and he violated it.” What do you think of this action taken by the IFBB to suspend an athlete for one year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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