What Is the Secret Behind Nick ‘The Mutant’ Walker’s Bane Mask He Used During Sleep?

Bodybuilding fans are curious about their icons’ routines that help them maintain a shredded physique. However, the struggle to build a Mr. Olympia-worthy physique is insane. To carve the body into a Greek God statue, bodybuilders had to consider many things. A strict diet regime, high-intensity training, and proper sleep and recovery are some of the crucial aspects. 

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While many ace the first two aspects of a bodybuilding routine, maintaining a proper sleep cycle is often a difficult task. And a disturbed sleep pattern can flush away all the hard work at the gym. So, The Mutant of bodybuilding, Nick Walker, devised an intriguing solution to improve his sleep pattern. 

The Story of Nick Walker’s Bane Mask


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The 29-year-old bodybuilding icon Nick Walker has earned unparalleled fame in the bodybuilding arena in recent times. Many, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, believe that Nick Walker is the future Mr. Olympia. In the 2022 event, he was placed in the top three, and this year, Walker aims to lift the Sandow trophy. 

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From nerve-wracking training at the gym to following a strict meal plan, Walker is ready to sacrifice everything for his goal. However, the crucial part of the training regime includes a proper sleep routine. Walker uses a special “Bane” mask to improve his sleep. Though the name is influenced by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight villain’s iconic mask, it is a CPAP machine. It helps in improvising the airflow during sleep, helping Walker to rest and recover from the physical strain at the gym. But what is a CPAP machine?

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Understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea and CPAP Therapy

Insomnia has been a norm of late, thanks to electronic gadgets and constant illumination. While light prevents the proper functioning of melanin, at certain times, obstructed breathing can result in a lack of deep sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation“Obstructive sleep apnea affects an estimated 2% to 9% of adults, though experts believe there are many more undiagnosed cases.”

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition where a person continuously stops and starts breathing while asleep, causing sleep disruptions. An obstruction in the upper airway is the main cause of disruptive breathing. The tongue or any other airway tissue blocks the breathing passage, which may result in snoring, gasping, or waking up while sleeping. 

So, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy helps people with the condition to breathe effectively during their sleep. The CPAP machines are meant to keep the airway clear of any obstruction with the help of pressurized air. 

The working of a CPAP machine

The breathing machine has three components, that include a machine, a hose, and a mask that resembles Bane’s mask from the Dark Knight Trilogy. However, before using the device, a doctor’s recommendation is essential. The pressure level of the machine has to be set in consultation with the physician.

The fan in the machine component draws air from the surroundings and purifies it. The hose connects the machine and mask and carries the filtered air. The mask is fitted to cover the nostrils or mouth, or both based on the model. Once the filtered air reaches the mask, it enters the respiratory system of the person.

The CPAP machine helped Nick Walker get quality sleep

While the 2021 Arnold Classic winner believed that his sleep cycle was decent enough, he realized that he wasn’t right after getting a CPAP machine. “The nightly routine of the mutant himself. Now we’ll strap up. Put the bane mask on, and then we’ll go to sleep,” Walker revealed.

I always thought I slept pretty decent. And this just let me know I sleep like sh*t. This has been a game-changer. Especially for training and the recovery process,” Walker said in one of his videos, where he was seen wearing the mask covering his nostrils and mouth. However, for his girlfriend, it’s the hardest thing sleeping next to him wearing a bane mask. So, what are the pros of a CPAP machine?

The benefits of a CPAP machine


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The benefits are numerous for Nick Walker’s Bane mask. The CPAP machine improves sleep quality. The added advantage of a CPAP machine is that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular events, strokes, and heart attacks. The blood pressure of the individual on the CPAP machine will be normal, and it also helps in maintaining the levels of blood glucose and cholesterol.

The cons of CPAP machine

The entire bane mask setup while sleeping can be a bit uncomfortable initially. Also, the persons using a CPAP machine can feel claustrophobic because of the enclosure of the nose and mouth, ultimately leading to anxiety. Skin irritation, dry mouth, nasal congestion, and nosebleeds are other cons of a CPAP machine.


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Nick Walker, however, is weighing in the merits of his bane mask. It is helping him to get good quality sleep, which is crucial for his bodybuilding journey because muscles grow during sleep. So, while Bane’s mask in Christopher Nolan’s movies is to help the villain function despite the pain from past trauma, Nick Walker’s Bane mask is to get a good night’s sleep.

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