Weight Loss Influencer Valiantly Embraces “Excruciating Wounds” From a Rare Disease Despite Being Told She Only Has 6 Months to Live: “I’m Not Giving Up”

The world of fitness is full of implausibly incredible stories that articulate a powerful source of motivation and self-acceptance. These stories inspire the world to embrace themselves the way they are. A fitness influencer has an extraordinary tale of strength and resilience. Lexi Reed stunned the world with the courageous step she took recently by embracing the scars that once haunted her. Reed earlier posted a reel video with her millions of fans and followers, showcasing her physique by accepting the wounds she has because of a rare and serious disease called Calciphylaxis.

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She’s been inspiring the world for many years with her extraordinary weight-loss journey. Now, by accepting the scars, she has set another milestone for people who are afraid to accept themselves.

Lexi Reed is showcasing self-love after recovering from a rare disease


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Reed sets an example of what truly matters and how you see yourself, regardless of what others may think of you. When you’ve accepted yourself as you are, others’ opinions won’t matter. She illustrated her bravery with a bright smile on her face, proudly showing every scar on her body.


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Standing confidently in a black two-piece outfit, she embraced every part of her body, showing nothing but self-love with the song ‘Scar to your beautiful’ by Alissa Cara. As she mentioned in her post caption, “It’s not always easy to share images or videos of my body, but I know it’s always worth it.”

A while back when she started her weight loss journey, during the time she was diagnosed with calciphylaxis, doctors’ opinions on this condition disheartened the influencer. She wrote, “A disease so rare the doctors had to look it up before they could try to treat meA disease that caused me to have dead necrotic skin that formed excruciating wounds from my thighs to my shoulders,” Reed added. The doctors told her that because the disease is dangerous, she might only live for six months to a year.


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A deadly skin disease

It was truly frightening to hear from the doctors that there was almost no way that she could live longer. It was disheartening to her. She kept asking herself if she’d ever see her husband and loved ones again, fearing that, one day, she might not wake up.

Despite all the physical and mental challenges she’s been through, she decided to fight back. “Every scar is proof that I’ve been fighting for my life and against all odds – but this is healing & I’m not giving up no matter what calciphylaxis throws at me,” Reed wrote in the caption. For those who don’t know what calciphylaxis is”, according to the Cleveland Clinic, it is a rare and deadly disease. It happens when calcium builds up in the blood vessels and blocks the flow of blood to the skin. This can lead to open wounds and dangerous infections.


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How Reed is dealing with the current situation is truly incredible and inspiring. What do you think about Reed’s life journey? Let us know in the comments.

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