Weight Loss Expert Weighs In on Best Time to Workout After New Study Comes Out, Putting Rest to Years of Debate

Bodybuilding and exercise cannot be executed randomly. It has a concise process that needs a lot of willpower and consistency. Golden-era bodybuilders such as Dorian Yates and Frank Zane incorporated the mind-body connection in order to gain the best outcome from dieting and training. The fitness world has always educated itself on the latest research that keeps evolving in health experiments. For a long time, there has always been speculation on the duration of exercise and the best time of day to work out.

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Different bodybuilders and researchers have different kinds of views regarding this subject matter. However, there has been a recent breakthrough in this field of study related to the time of day and exercise. Dr. Sue Decotiis recently gave all the necessary information regarding the scientific breakthrough that can change the fitness world.

Dr. Sue Decotiis ends a decade-long discussion


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The world-renowned MD, who specializes in medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy, gave her findings based on her own research regarding the best time of day to work out. She has a very simple answer for fitness enthusiasts. According to CBS News, DeCotiis believes that one should exercise whenever they have time in the day.

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There is no particular time of day that might benefit an athlete more while they exercise. She said, “What I tell my patients is work out when you can. If it’s easier and more convenient for you to get to the gym in the morning, then go ahead and do that. If you can’t get there until the afternoon, then do that,” so there is no specific time for exercise.

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The latest study used a pre-existing thesis by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which surveyed 5,000 people from 2003 to 2006 to assess what time of the day is best for exercise and gives the best results. People who exercised in the morning had the lowest body mass index. However, Decotiis did not consider the research study concrete evidence to tell her clients to change their workout times.

She said, “I don’t necessarily think that the evidence shows that you’re going to burn more calories in the morning. Your ability to burn fat and to lose weight with exercise really depends on how well your insulin’s working and how all your other hormones are working.” Even Arnold Schwarzenegger said that workouts can be done at any time, but they have to be time-efficient.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals an important fact


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In his Arnold’s Pump Club newsletter, he shed some light on workout time. He shared the workout strategy told by a notable strength coach from Norway. This idea was brought to public attention in the 2000s. Arnie revealed that time-efficient workouts hold immense significance.

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The 75-year-old icon revealed that the duration of the workout does not matter. “Just because a workout is short doesn’t mean you can’t see amazing results…So we’ll keep sharing difficult but time-efficient workouts to show you what’s possible,” he stated.


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He explained the Norwegian coach Borge Fagerli’s Myo-reps. This strategy eliminates unnecessary reps from the workout so that the body burns the most calories. So the time of day or the duration of the workout does not matter. However, optimizing the exercises matters the most. What do you think of this new finding? Tell us in the comments below.

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