“We Heard Downstairs, the Scream”: $450 Million Rich Arnold Schwarzenegger Designed a Brutal Trap to Teach His a Lesson

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not only a strong and powerful 7 time Mr. Olympia who went into the movies, but he also was a strict father. The 76-year-old has four children with his ex-wife Maria Shriver, and he gave them a pretty strict upbringing. While speaking to People’s magazine for the motivational book Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, he opened up about his parenting style.

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The Terminator actor with a net worth of $450M, who had a strict father growing up, did not give his own children a soft treatment. However, they all have a wholesome and loving relationship.

Arnold made Patrick bathe in cold water


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The 76-year-old opened up about taking a unique approach when trying to teach significant life lessons to children, as parents. He is the father of Christopher, 26, Patrick, 30, Christina, 31, and Katherine, 33, who he shares with ex Maria Shriver. The children too, remember the stories and now laugh about it.

While talking about his kind of strict lessons, the Austrian Oak talked about his son Patrick and his habit of hot water baths. He narrated, “In Munich, they have the showers that have those timers that people put money into and then after the money ran out, the cold water came out. I said, ‘I’m going to get one like that,’ and that’s exactly what I got.”

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This was quite the medicine for Schwarzenegger junior and the father continued, “And so when he got the shower on and he was whistling and singing in there and thinking Daddy’s not around, all the sudden the ice-cold shower came on. And all of a sudden, we heard downstairs, the scream.” Now this story has become a funny memory but it still imparted valuable knowledge to his kids. 

The bodybuilding icon and former governor of California further stated, “Funny enough, those kinds of things are what they bring up all the time with tremendous laughter and tell other people as a joke.” There are more stories of father Arnie being a strict role model for his children, which later benefitted them.

Father-daughter relationship in the Schwarzenegger household


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During a live Instagram session of Katherine and Arnold, the bodybuilder and actor recalled what he had once done to each of his children. He also revealed how he felt when Kathrine wanted to teach the same lesson to her son, Jack.

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Schwarzenegger reminded his daughter about a conversation they had over the phone. He said,“Guess what I did today? I told Jack if he doesn’t take his tennis shoes away, leaving them lying around, I’m gonna burn them in the fire.” Arnold recalled that he did the same with her when she was a child, and she left her shoes lying around and did not put them away. After the sixth time, Arnold threw her shoes in the fire. “Everybody was crying,” said the 33-year-old.


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Katherine recalled his memory while laughing, and she also revealed that she would not literally burn her son’s shoes. The 33-year-old author also thanked her father for teaching her a valuable lesson that day. What do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s parenting style? Tell us your opinions in the comments.

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