“We Glorify Obesity”: At the Risk of Enraging Fitness World, Liver King Comes Out With Yet Another Controversial Post

In the world of fitness, a lot depends upon society’s set rules and ideals that often tangle up individuality and put restrictions on individuals. However, the contrary is also springing up recently. Broader society often fails to understand that what people normally accept and what should be the norm varies from person to person. Liver King, known for his controversial lifestyle and choices, raises yet another concerning argument that might get mixed responses from viewers.

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Brian Johnson, more popularly known as Liver King, is a 45-year-old Internet and Fitness personality who made his name after his ‘Ancestral Lifestyle’ went viral. From eating raw meat to following various primitive chores, Liver King is standing against the grain almost all the time. His recent argument thus raises some brows.

Liver King’s ideal body type concerns the community


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In this contemporary time when after a long struggle, society is finally trying to accept all body types and individuality, Liver King’s extremely debatable argument of whether people should accept obesity or leave everything to become like the ancient idols from all the ancient civilizations has stirred the internet. In the video, he said, “The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Aztecs created muscular bodies, symbols of perfections…virtues of man, when I hear today, that men feel unrepresentative in the video games… does he really wanna play video game where the characters are fat, weak and worthless?

Furthermore, in the caption of his post, he stated, “The ancients glorified perfection… We glorify obesity.” He firmly believes that the ancients had a much more profound sense of perfection. However, the present world, according to Liver King, is getting dominated because they are accepting of “everything and everyone.”

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Liver King’s unusual lifestyle singles him out from the rest of the fitness influencers. However, his dedication to training, just like everyone, or even more, is more or less always reflected in his actions.

Liver King does not require a gym to workout


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In one of his recent Instagram posts, Liver King declared he was traveling. While on the journey, he posted a video that featured him doing pull-ups from a tank. The act certainly intrigued his audience. Moreover, in the caption, he made his audience aware that he does not make excuses. And he implored everyone else to follow something similar. He said that even if one does not have any gym accessible, they still can find some other way to follow their routine instead of giving excuses.

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Not being the exact sculpted figure as had been recorded by the ancient art and sculpted masterpieces is quite human. From a realistic lens, no one really needs to have that form of physique. That perfection, if it means they have to rule out all their usual ways of life, might not be the right.


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Liver King’s perfection of ancient ideologies might spring criticism. It questions several layers of rights and wrongs. What do you think about the matter? Let us know your take on it.

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