“We Didn’t Really Have Food”: 50-YO Bodybuilding Beast, Who Spent $50,000 on His Meals Once, Opens Up on the Taxing Nature of an Event

It is quite essential for bodybuilders to maintain a strict diet which enables them to channel better results and help make a precise physique structure. However, circumstances might cause them to disregard the usual routine, and the bodybuilders get thrown back quite fast. The four-time Mr. Olympia winner, Jay Cutler, recently revealed that during his fitness challenge, he had to go through some unusual circumstances.

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When Cutler was nearing his 50th birthday, he decided to do an intense fitness challenge. The 12-week fitness challenge left him with so much work at hand and a lot more issues to pay heed to.

Jay Cutler explores the time when he did not get food


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In his recent YouTube video on JayCutlerTV, Cutler made a statement about the hectic time he went through. He remarked that since the start of his 12-week ‘Fit for 50’ transformation, there wasn’t a day when he ate his usual meal. He declared, “I didn’t get to eat consistently for two days, because the event was so long, you know.”

Furthermore, Cutler also explains that he usually went to an event from 9 to 7 each day. And although they had a VIP area, the event did not cater to the bodybuilders properly. Cutler pointed out, “It was hard to, like, we didn’t have meals right. So it was the first time that I didn’t eat six meals a day.”

It is not shocking that bodybuilders need their required meals consistently. Especially champions like Jay Cutler, who usually pay attention to their meals and nutrient intake. So much so that once, the bodybuilding beast had bought a whole cow for himself.


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Got an entire cow for himself: Jay Cutler

In an earlier interview, Cutler had revealed stories from his early days. One time, he had gotten himself an entire cow. He recalled having two freezers specifically for keeping the meat. Cutler stated, “At a time, I was eating like 4 pounds of meat a day. And a lot of it was red meat.” He further illustrated that he would instruct local butchers to cut meat in a certain way that would help him in storage.

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Following a proper diet plan is a non-negotiable demand for the fitness community. However, when the circumstances do not oblige, things might look bleak. Jay Cutler’s experience of not having his usual 6 meals a day stirred him a lot, showing his extreme dedication to the sport even now.

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