“We Can’t Escape Judgement”: Despite Being Super Jacked 38 Yo 6 Times Crossfit Games Athlete Makes a Shocking Confession

In the modern age of bodybuilding and fitness, where almost everyone’s life appears picture-perfect on social media, many people might naturally assume that individuals with seemingly perfect physiques are immune to harsh judgment or moments of self-consciousness. However, Marcus Filly, a renowned six-time Reebok CrossFit Games athlete, has recently debunked this common misconception.

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At the age of 38, possessing a physique that many might admire, Filly faced an unexpected type of body shaming that often goes unnoticed: fit shaming. He recently took to Instagram to recount a candid and personal incident, highlighting the harsh truth that even individuals in peak physical condition cannot avoid the scrutiny and unsolicited judgments of others.

The Unexpected Side: When “Too Fit” Attracts Criticism


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Filly shared a personal incident. “I got fit shamed at the pool I was at the pool with my kids and my friend overheard people talking yeah that’s a bit too much his body is way over the top”. Such a statement might baffle many. However, Marcus Filly has dedicated years to honing his body, but critics attack him not for being unfit, but for being “too fit.” It’s a stark reminder that society often has a lot to say, no matter how you look.

Filly’s subsequent video added layers to this narrative. He openly expressed that accolades and a chiseled body don’t shield him from bouts of self-consciousness. “no matter how fit you are and being fit doesn’t mean the end of feeling self-conscious,” he confided.

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This heartfelt revelation from someone viewed as a fitness icon not only challenges but also broadens our perspective on body image and self-worth. “Not everybody is going to love the way you look. You can’t escape judgment,” he noted. These strong thoughts show how society sees fitness and what it really means.

Marcus Filly reflects the true essence of fitness


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Moving beyond people’s perceptions, Marcus delves deeper into the personal motivations behind fitness. It’s Filly’s introspection, more than the incident, that resonates profoundly. He prompts everyone to question: “WHY you train and make sure it’s for the right reasons”. For many, fitness isn’t just about flaunting muscles or a toned figure.  It’s about mental resilience, personal challenges, and overall growth.

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Filly’ sums it up beautifully, “it’s fine to train because you wanna change your body but it’s not a magic bullet and don’t forget to train would be a good human too.


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However, this incident sheds light on the seldom-discussed issue of ‘fit shaming’. Just as detrimental as body shaming, it highlights society’s paradoxical standards. You’re either ‘too this’ or ‘too that’, and somewhere in between lies an ever-shifting ‘ideal’. Such incidents and the hurt they cause underline the need to cultivate a more inclusive and empathetic society.

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