“We Are Survivors”: Veteran Bodybuilder With Over 40 Surgeries Found Inspiration in 6’2 255 Lbs “Bionic” Bodybuilder

The realm of bodybuilding has often been a source of inspiration for fitness and health enthusiasts, as it has introduced the world to the many personalities whose determination toward their dreams helped them attain their goals by pushing through their setbacks.

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One such example is the 58-year-old bodybuilder who, despite undergoing over 40 surgeries, still continues his vigor to move forward in life. Flex Wheeler has seen it all, be it kidney conditions or getting his right leg amputated. However, he continues with his motivating posts and the bodybuilding community often looks forward to it. Recently, a post on Instagram that depicted Wheeler alongside the “Bionic” bodybuilder has made waves on the internet.    

The “Bionic” Bodybuilder and Flex Wheeler: A tale of similar fates


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Edgard John Augustin aka The Bionic Bodybuilder and Flex Wheeler have had similar stories in their lives. Even as the duo continues to carry the baggage of horrible past incidents feelings, they are often recognized for pushing through their difficulties and showing courage and persistence.

In the post uploaded on Augustin’s Instagram account, the Bionic Bodybuilder and Flex Wheeler can be seen posing together and complementing each other’s prowess. He captioned it, We’re survivors !. “Flashback to the day @officialflexwheeler told me I’d shown him the way,” he added, revealing the fact that the veteran bodybuilder had once gained inspiration from him.

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The bionic bodybuilder, Edgard John Augustin, met with a horrible car accident owing to which he lost both his legs. Afterward, his bionic legs helped him not just live his life as normal people do, but also continue to build his physique as he did in the past. Recently, Augustin posted a video that showcased his workout just before getting on stage. 

Bionic bodybuilder works out before gracing the stage 

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Lately, the Bionic bodybuilder shared a reel that showed how he approached the process of appearing on stage. Before getting on the stage, he did not leave any chance to pump up his muscles. The amputee IFBB Pro was seen getting the last round of exercise to ensure that he would be on stage, showcasing his best physique.


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He wrote in the caption, “The last pump before going on stage, one of the most exciting parts, agree with me?” His enthusiasm was incredible and fans loved his training videos and gave unwavering support and love. Both Flex Wheeler and Bionic Bodybuilder have succeeded in giving their lives a new direction and overcoming several challenges. Was it their fervor and positivity about life that kept them going? Let us know in the comments below.

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