“Was Sore for Days”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodybuilding Son Left Hammered by 251 Lbs Monster Bodybuilding Coach

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s early life just revolved around the gym, where he lifted heavy weights. The 76-year-old amassed unparalleled respect in the bodybuilding arena for his contribution to the sport. The fans of the Golden era still recount the 1970s Arnie’s aesthetics. While the Terminator icon’s ripped body is a thing of the past, Schwarzenegger’s fans relive his bodybuilding aura through Joseph Baena.

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The youngest child of Arnie is a bodybuilding icon on Instagram, and fans are in awe of his ripped physique. Recently, Baena trained with the world’s biggest personal trainer, and the soreness after an intense session is real for the 26-year-old.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s youngest son grilled by Eric Janicki


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Joseph Baena never misses his gym sessions, not even for a hurricane. Fans often hail him as the true heir of Arnie’s bodybuilding genes. The young man trains with his father at the Venice Gold’s gym. But his recent workout session was so intense that he had muscle soreness for days. 

Arnie’s son joined hands with the bodybuilding coach Eric Janicki, and the latter grilled Baena at the gym with no excuse. Sharing snippets from the session, the 251lbs coach added a detailed workout checklist they have done. The full chest or tricep workout of Baena included:

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Incline bench modified lower chest cable fly x 3 x 12-15

Incline bench incline bench cable fly (low placement) x 3 x 12-20

Incline bench overhead extensions x 3 x 12-15.” 

The superset comprised of “Plate-loaded mid chest press x 4 x 10” in addition to “Deficit db push-ups x 4 x failure,” and “Tricep Rope pushdowns x 12-20.” Commenting on the post, Baena revealed, “Was sore for days after this one.” But that didn’t stop Arnie’s youngest child from hitting the gym again.

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Joseph Baena’s love for bodybuilding


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The 26-year-old was a chubby child in his younger years. But his interest in bodybuilding started when his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, gifted him the “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.” The 7x Mr. Olympia asked Baena to read the book and ask if there were any doubts. The Bully High actor took bodybuilding lessons from the book and started hitting the gym.

Speaking about his addiction to fitness on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, Baena confessed, “Got cut again, and then that really started my addiction to the gym.” And now, not a day goes without the gym for Baena.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fans really want his bodybuilding son to compete professionally. But Baena is currently focussing on his real-estate business and acting career. But his Instagram gym clips are treasured by Schwarzenegger’s fans. Don’t you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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