“Was So Devastated”: Bodybuilding Legend Who Dethroned King Ronnie Coleman Almost “Quit” the Sport After His First Mr. Olympia

In the captivating world of bodybuilding, where competitors dedicate their lives to sculpting physiques that inspire and astonish, it is easy to imagine that the journey to the top is smooth and triumphant. Jay Cutler, the bodybuilding legend who dethroned Ronnie Coleman, often faced moments of self-doubt and adversity on his journey.

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Recently, Cutler took to his Facebook account to shed light on the challenges he faced early in his career. A video captioned ‘The business behind bodybuilding’ allows Jay Cutler to discuss, with raw honesty, the pivotal moments that shaped his journey.

The night that changed everything for Jay Cutler


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“That night of championship finished 11th I said I’m gonna go back to training.” This statement resonates deeply, depicting Cutler’s immediate reaction to a disappointing 11th-place finish. Instead of seeing it as a sign to step back, he perceived it as an opportunity to delve even deeper into his passion.

Making a significant transition from conventional gyms, Cutler built his personal fortress for training. He highlighted, “I spent like 100 grand on equipment and I was training in my house.” This monumental step showcased his commitment to the sport.

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The result of his labor was soon evident when he returned to the competition circuit. A rejuvenated Cutler clinched the third position in the esteemed Arnold Classic, marking a significant comeback. Bridging this achievement with new aspirations, he then set his sights on an even bigger challenge: the coveted Mr. Olympia title.

Facing the giants of bodybuilding: the Mr. Olympia challenge


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Entering the esteemed Mr. Olympia was a dream for Cutler, a platform he had eyed for long. But dreams don’t always transpire as envisioned. The outcome was less than ideal, with Cutler stating, “I went to Olympia and I got dusted. I was 15 out of 16.”

Such a result was a hard pill to swallow for a dedicated athlete. The weight of disappointment pressed heavily on Cutler. He recalls the emotional turmoil he went through, expressing, “I was like, should I quit? I was so devastated. I remember saying to my wife at the time when I just got good.” Yet, the story of Jay Cutler is not one of surrender. It’s a tale of perseverance, resilience, and an undying passion for the sport. While he might have been on the brink of giving up after his first Mr. Olympia, the fire within him refused to be extinguished. With the support of his wife and his trainer.


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Jay Cutler’s journey underscores the undulating paths champions tread. Facing setbacks, including a near resignation after a disappointing Mr. Olympia debut, Cutler’s resilience and unwavering commitment are inspirations. His story reaffirms that true legends aren’t defined by their victories alone, but by the battles they endure.

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