“Was Shocked at How Little Drug Use Was Going On”: Longevity Expert Stuns the World With Startling Revelation From Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Era

While there was a time back in the day when it was even hard to get your hands on a decent protein, the advent of the Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Young lifters and bodybuilders often join the dark side way too soon after starting their bodybuilding journey because of the ever-growing physique standards that social media is responsible for. The sport of bodybuilding is also evolving every day. While there was a huge focus on definition and aesthetics back in the day, the judges favor a huge mass monster frame along with a shredded look now. 

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The growing size of modern bodybuilders is due to the increasing dosages of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. While many 70s bodybuilders state their steroid usage to be minimal according to Peter Attia, Derek from More Plates More Dates, on the other hand, seems to think it’s all bogus. 

The truth behind the low dosages in the 70s 


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Like any other sport, bodybuilding has also evolved throughout the years. Even though steroids were not banned at the time, many ’70s athletes like Frank Zane and Tom Platz have often talked about their shockingly low steroid usage. While many individuals seem to believe it, including Peter Attia, who holds an MD degree, a renowned fitness YouTuber, Derek believes this is far from the truth.  

“I was shocked at how little drug use was going on back then amongst the best of the best. And we’re talking like one to 200 milligrams of testosterone a week eight weeks at a time you know eight on eight off eight on eight off…They’re basically taking TRT,” Peter Attia revealed during a podcast with Derek. 

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However, veteran lifter and fitness creator Derek had a different view of this. He believes that the dosages revealed by the 70s bodybuilders were not true.

The reason behind Derek’s speculation


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Listening to what Peter had to say, Derek responded by giving his honest take on the matter. “They’re not telling the truth,” Derek replied. Being in this field for years now, Derek has himself tried his luck with steroids and has been open about this. With his years of experience and knowledge, Derek does not seem to believe that such minor dosages that these bodybuilders claimed to take can lead to such astonishing physiques. 

Derek explained the same by disclosing, “When you’re saying you’re taking a like a borderline female HRT Dianabol dose…but those dosages are almost impossible to wrap your head around producing outcomes that they had…you might as well stay natural almost at that point.”


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What are your views on the same? Do you think there is any truth behind the claims made by ’70s athletes? Let us know in the comments. 

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