“Was Never Looking for Closure”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Who Had Troubled Relationship With His Father, Makes an Emotional Confession About Him

The living legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been very transparent throughout his life. Whether it is about his competition or his personal feelings. The seven-time Mr. Olympia, however, used to seek validation from his parents while growing up. He was extremely competitive since his childhood, a characteristic that stayed with him and can be seen in the domination he unleashed in three different career paths.

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Nonetheless, the Austrian Oak had a very tough childhood because of his strict father. He was an alcoholic and used to beat him and his brother, as Arnie revealed in his documentary. A book written by Schwarzenegger is set to release soon, the title of which is based on a sermon given by his father.

This is not closure, says the legend


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As a child, Arnie’s relationship with his father was never like that of what he has with his children. Despite the hard times, he still missed his father’s presence. Schwarzenegger still wakes up at dawn with his father’s phrase prompting him out of bed. “It was the very phrase that motivated me,” he says. But he wouldn’t define his new book as closure.

He further added, “I was never looking for closure. I’m not into all this stuff, because I never really blamed my father for anything.” Schwarzenegger clarified, “I never ran around and said, ‘It’s my father’s fault.’ It’s nobody’s fault.” The former governor expressed his feelings that he was not the kind of person who was looking for closure. Arnie and his father’s relationship was beyond explanation. The father of five also said that he did not blame anybody for the troubles he faced.

‘Be Useful’ Arnold Schwarzenegger named his book on the lessons of his father

Furthermore, he said that he doesn’t hold a grudge against his dad. He believes his father didn’t know any better because they lived in an area that facilitated such an environment. After a defeat in the Second World War, the behavior of his father, who was a soldier, changed drastically. Arnie wasn’t the only child who suffered. Many in Thal had the same difficulties. But he wanted more from his life and changed his life for the better with utmost perseverance.

The legendary bodybuilder named this book “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life”, after something that his father used to say about how if one concentrates on being useful they didn’t need to worry about sorrow in life. The book will release on October 10. Would you grab a copy once it hits the shelves? Let us know in the comments.

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