Victim of His Brother-in-Law’s Poor Skill, Chris Pratt Offers Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Special Advice on His 30th Birthday

The eldest son of bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 30 yesterday, September 18. On the special day, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s brother-in-law, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt, wished him a happy birthday. The 44-year-old husband of Patrick Schwarzenegger’s sister, Katherine Schwarzenegger, took to social media to wish the 30-year-old.

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Chris Pratt shared three pictures with his brother-in-law in his Instagram stories. Chris Pratt, who excels in comedy, could not help but give his birthday wish a funny twist. In one of the stories, Pratt uploaded a picture of himself that Patrick Schwarzenegger clicked. However, the photograph had a major flaw, so the MCU actor had some advice for Arnie’s son.

Chris Pratt gives Patrick Schwarzenegger photography-related advice


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The 44-year-old actor started his birthday wish with a behind-the-scenes still from The Terminal List. In the photograph, Chris Pratt and Patrick Schwarzenegger posed beside one another in full military gear, probably preparing to shoot a scene. “Happy birthday Pat! The Big 3-0,” wrote the Parks and Recreation actor. However, he started his shenanigans in the second story.

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Pratt uploaded an out-of-focus photograph of himself. The 44-year-old claimed himself to be a victim of Patrick Schwarzenegger’s poor photography skills. “Know your angle and you never take a bad photo @patrickschwarzenegger,” added the son-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, the Hollywood superstar was poking some lighthearted fun at the 30-year-old.

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In the third story, Pratt posted another photo from the sets of the Terminal List. However, in the picture, Pratt posed with the replica prop of Patrick Schwarzenegger’s head used for the show. “You’ve never looked better. Love you brother @patrickschwarzenegger,” wrote the Jurassic World star. While Chris Pratt might’ve poked fun at his brother-in-law, he wants to see him succeed as an actor, and he even helped play a minor role in The Terminal List.

Pratt had high expectations for the son of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger


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While Patrick Schwarzenegger didn’t play a major role in The Terminal List, he played a pivotal character who appeared throughout the series in short flashbacks. In the Amazon Prime series, Patrick Schwarzenegger played a rookie Marine under the command of Pratt’s character. Hence, in all his scenes, Schwarzenegger appeared in military gear.

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Despite never showing his physique, Pratt demanded the 30-year-old to train hard and look like an elite soldier. The 30-year-old put on muscle and learned how to handle weapons for the role. “Hey, there is this Donny Mitchell… I need you to go and try to get into the character,” Pratt told Schwarzenegger.


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