Veteran Bodybuilder Recalls Ronnie Coleman Marking a Change in His Workout After Losing 5 Times to the 51 YO in a Single Year

The bodybuilding legend, Ronnie Coleman, always shines brightly, and sports fanatics admire him because of his amazing expertise in the sport. With eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles, he became an inspiration. However, his journey to success had many hurdles. He faced many difficulties and carried injuries throughout his bodybuilding career.

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Coleman embarked on his bodybuilding training at the age of 24, while serving as a cop in Texas. One of the other popular bodybuilders of the era was Lee Priest. It was believed that Lee Priest and Ronnie were in a fierce rivalry. But, before his reign began, the Blond Myth defeated Ronnie five times in the year 1997. Even today, Lee Priest is still pretty much in the action.

Lee Priest says hip thrusts exercise is only for women


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However, Lee Priest recently shared an Instagram video related to an exercise that was associated with the Legend Coleman himself. The Australian bodybuilder, naming nobody, rambles upon this specific workout routine.


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The 51-year-old bodybuilder said, “If you’re a guy and you’re doing hip for u you’re p*s*y, you’re scared of leg pressing. You’re scared of squatting. oh, I leave but some pros do it. Yeah, because they’re scared of squatting. Other Sh*t. you don’t fu””g need it.” He completely frowned upon that hip thrust is an exercise for males. Though he entirely linked this with women. This is not the first time he mocked the legendary bodybuilders. In a throwback, he opens up about how he does not consider these new-era athletes as pro bodybuilders.


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Coleman’s shameful defeat

He talked about how this sport has changed. He outwardly called them ‘pot plants.’ “I watch these Pro shows, and I see these people standing on stage like pot plants, don’t know their names, back in the day…you knew everyone’s name,” Priest said in that video that he was annoyed because many athletes are getting noticed because there are so many events in the sports nowadays.

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However, the 5’4 bodybuilder has great genetics because he is the son of a bodybuilder mother. He won his first show when he was 13 years old. He won numerous titles. He was at his peak when he defeated Coleman consecutively five times in the same year.

Coleman even said in one of his candid talks it was unfortunate losing to the Priest. Coleman confessed thatMy most painful would be losing to Lee Priest.” The bodybuilding champion said, “He was a little guy. I was a big guy. Kind of depressing.”

What’s your opinion about these two bodybuilders’ rivalry? Let us know in the comments below.

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