“Veins Built Like the Nile River”: Internet Dumbfounded by 29-Y.O. Bodybuilder’s Transformation Who Had Body Image Issues

Bodybuilding and fitness influencer Will Tennyson has established himself as a popular fitness content creator. The bodybuilder’s unique vlog-style videos, collaborations, and down-to-earth nature have earned him over 2 million YouTube subscribers. However, the bodybuilding enthusiast started lifting weights to overcome a worrying mental issue.

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The 29-year-old bodybuilder sat for an interview with Men’s Health last year. During the interview, Tennyson revealed he suffered from body image issues. “I felt like s**t during the day, all I wanted to do was binge,” the influencer told MH. However, now Will Tennyson has built an impressive physique, and his most recent update has dumbfounded bodybuilding fans.

Showing off the progress in the gym


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In his most recent physique update, Will Tennyson posted a picture of himself performing barbell curls. The picture he posted was clicked mid-rep and captured the intensity of Tennyson’s set. However, it also captured the massive arm gains the bodybuilding influencer had made. In the image, the 29-year-old wore a tank top and, besides his impressive biceps, showed off his vascularity.

The fitness influencer looked insanely vascular, with veins running down his biceps and forearms. The bodybuilder gave a hint of the intensity of his workout through the caption. “Thankfully it was a low-fiber day,” said Tennyson. While transforming his physique, the 29-year-old learned to focus on spacing out his calories instead of binge eating.

The results of the changes he made are apparent in the picture. The bodybuilder has also retained the capacity to eat huge portions but is disciplined enough to balance out his food intake and exercise routine. Fans couldn’t keep calm after Tennyson posted his physique update.

Bodybuilding fans were dazzled after seeing Tennyson’s physique


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Tennyson’s transformation shocked his fans. “Wth bro’s arms tripled in size,” wrote one follower. “D**n bro! Massive gains” wrote another equally dumbfounded fan. People noticed the aesthetic vascularity Tennyson had developed. “Veins built like the Nile River and I want to soak it all up,” wrote one fan who seemed beyond impressed.

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Another fan also pointed out Tennyson’s vascularity. However, he also referenced his love for donuts. “Bro has the navigation to all the Tim Hortons in his forearms,” wrote the fan. One fan highlighted how far Will Tennyson has come from his body dysmorphia days. “It’s been crazy watching your progression over the years. GOOD FOR YOU MY DUDE,” the fan wrote.


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