Ushering In Mass Monster Era, Bodybuilder’s Uniquely “Militaristic” Pose Owes Its Existence to His Lesser Known Background.

The eight-time Mr. Olympia winner has earned himself the highest number of titles in the world of bodybuilding. With his exceptionally aesthetic physique, which was enormously muscular, and his unparalleled feats of strength, he was also christened with the name of the Mass Monster in the Golden era of bodybuilding.

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Dorian Yates, although amazingly suited for the stage, had his awkward moments posing for the judges, and he could barely do as well as his competitors. However, excellent skills from his lesser-known background helped him win many shows.

Dorian Yates’ militaristic pose 


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The Mass Monster, Dorian Yates, recently took to his official Instagram account and shared a picture of himself from the first time he appeared on the Mr. Olympia stage in 1992. The black and white picture hinted at a reminiscing emotion on his journey, where he was seen flexing his physique.

In the caption, he wrote how he could barely pose. He said, Throughout my career onstage, I wasn’t a poser of such like my competitors, they were artistic whereas I posed to suit my personality and my physique, which was powerful and militaristic. Perhaps inspired by my martial arts background, it was me.”

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According to Yates, customizing his poses to suit his physique is what made him stand out among all the other athletes on the stage. He added, “I for sure was not an artistic poser but arguably one of the best at performing all the compulsory poses. The many, many hours I spent practicing these poses paid off, but I was always learning.” Further, in the caption, he even shares how he had put in everything to make his dream come true.

Dorian Yates talks about winning Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row

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Dorian Yates continued to secure the title of Mr. Olympia for himself from 1992 to 1997 until he retired from the professional realms of the sport. The picture that he shared was shot from the free posing round for the championship that was held in Helsinki. Here, he was absolutely nervous because the declarations were to be made soon.


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He goes on to talk about how he had sacrificed everything just so that he could win the title. Dorian Yates wrote, This was everything that I had worked for over the past near-decade. The blood, sweat, and tears that had gone into my career, the ups and downs, all of it led to this.” What do you think about the journey of Dorian Yates? Let us know in the comments section below!

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