Upset Over the New FDA Regulation, a Clinic Owner Discusses the Benefits of This PED to Mike O’Hearn: “They’re Not Narcotics, They’re Not Controlled Substances”

The US Foods and Drug Administration (FDA) has introduced new regulations regarding peptide drugs. The FDA has categorized these into various parts. However, these changes have stunned many people, including those who belong to the bodybuilding, fitness, pharmaceuticals, and medical industries. But ever wonder why it’s affecting these communities and why they are concerned over these changes?

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Recently, Mike O’Hearn appeared on The Generation Iron YouTube channel. He hosted the Barbend episode. He talked about these changes with John Tsikouris, the owner of the hormone replacement therapy clinic.

Mike O’Hearn tried to make everyone understand the changes FDA made


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In this video, they discussed with complete details, before delving into the output of their conversation, it is important to understand what is peptides. Peptides are small proteins that people use in different ways. It can used as medicine for better treatment. Many individuals use these tiny proteins for their fitness as a supplement.

Furthermore, the 54-year-old asked John, “What is going on with these uh the FDA the peptides what’s their what’s their angle here?” the owner of Titan Medicals replied, “Obviously peptides are a big thing peptides have helped a lot of people out there right um they’re not narcotics they’re not controlled substances some so many different things from healing to you know sexual to weight loss to extending life right in telr and much much more with with peptides.” Where everybody is confused and making their own assumptions about these changes, Tsikouris tried to explain every aspect of the new regulation. He illustrated the three schedules that were added by the FDA.

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Three Schedules by FDA for Peptide


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Tsikouris continued and mentioned in the video, “And uh you know it just came out of left field last week where the FDA decided that they were going to schedule the majority of the beneficial peptides to a schedule two rating and what does that mean so the FDA has three schedules.

He described the details while talking to O’Hearn, John pointed out three schedules. The first schedule is under review if there’s any medical necessity. The second schedule, consider it to have more risk than benefits to using these things. This makes it more confusing for people because they have put all of them in this category, despite knowing that every peptide has different uses. According to the FDA, Schedule Three is totally unsafe and nothing can be used in this category, it’s completely prohibited.


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