“Truly a Work of Art”: Female Bodybuilder’s Toned Physique From Her First Ms. Olympia Win, Melts Bodybuilding World

In the world of bodybuilding, it was predominantly believed that only men can channel out the best possibilities. However, as the sport got popular and women started understanding that their skills would be equally evaluated, though with a grain of salt, initially, they started working hard. Like in most other aspects of society, in bodybuilding too, women tried to make a leap well above the stereotypes that existed.

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The six consecutive Ms. Olympia, who never for once let anyone else snatch her crown from 1984 to 1989, Cory Everson is undoubtedly one of the finest women bodybuilders in the industry. As she recalled the time before her first Ms. Olympia win, one could see the hard work behind the history that she had made.

Cory Everson before her first Ms. Olympia win


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In her latest Facebook post, Everson shared a photo from right before her 1984 Ms. Olympia. She confessed, “From my many years as a track and field athlete, gymnast and swimmer I had a pretty good structure already in the making”. Then she proceeded to talk about how long a process takes to reach one’s goals. She suggested that no one should give up. Instead, they must stick to their target, and this will slowly help them turn it into their reality.

Furthermore, Cory also shed light on how diet, cardio, and weight training had a major role in levelling up her career. She also stated in the caption, “It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure, but that is what made it all the more rewarding.

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As the fans sees her precise physique even before her wins, they venture on a exciting journey, expressing their feelings and complimenting Everson in the comments.


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Fans admire Everson’s form throughout her career

One of the fans said, “Cory you will always be number one! You’re such a beautiful lady!” While another commented, “My favorite Ms. Olympia! You had just the right amount of muscle without losing your feminity!” Yet another fan appreciated and admired her saying, “Great shape, rewards to hard work done. You are right, hard work and the time it takes to get there, only trouble come quickly.” Another fan exclaimed, “That’s why you are the GOAT.” Last, but not least, another fitness enthusiast said, Awesome body. Truly a work of art.

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The world is slowly evolving and spreading outside prejudices of the past. As women perform exceptionally well in men-dominated areas, every other woman starts seeing hope for their own dreams and careers. Cory Everson is one of those women who helped bring change to the world. Who is your favorite Ms. Olympia? Let us know in the comments.

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