“Truly a Legend in Delivering Legends”: Bodybuilding Coach Behind Chris Bumstead, Derek Lunsford, Hadi Choopan’s Hailed by Fans for Only Producing Champions

In the realm of bodybuilding, one name has been symbolized with success. The story of a former bodybuilder who was inclined into coaching and astounded the world with his remarkable ability to transform aspiring athletes into champions. Hany Rambon’s prowess as a trainer and coach earned the admiration of sports enthusiasts. The sports community gave him a nickname by calling him “Pro Creator.”

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From the former Mr. Olympia’s Jay Cutler, and Phil Heath, to new-era bodybuilders like Chris Bumstead, Derek Lunsford, and Hadi Choopan. He trained many female bodybuilders as well. However, his one short clip went viral recently where he’s been posing with his champions showcasing their medals in front of the camera. Rambod’s journey as a bodybuilding coach has been extraordinary. He possesses a unique talent for identifying potential athletes and guiding them to reach their prime.

With his unique approach, he transformed the athletes into champions


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The short video was shared by the coach himself on his YouTube channel, showcasing his best work before the prestigious event. The four-time Mr. Olympia, in classic physique, joined forces with Hany last year before Mr. O. Under his mentorship, Bumstead has achieved astonishing success, showcasing his progress that embodies excellence.

The 47-year-old coach has given training to the competitors in the Men’s Open Division too. The reigning champion in this division is Hadi Choopan and the runner-up is Derek Lunsford. Their victories in the IFBB league have nothing sort of incredible. Rambod played a significant role in shaping these bodybuilders’ impressive physiques have won the hearts of fans across the globe.

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What sets him apart from other coaches is his unwavering dedication to his students. He understands that every bodybuilder’s body differs from another, so he trained them accordingly. In one of the old interviews, Jay Cutler talked about his coaches and their different approaches, whereas Rambod’s methods are entirely different. The fans have not only witnessed the physical transformation but also the profound personal growth as well.

The fans were impressed by Coach Hany Rambod

However, the fans left numerous comments on this post. One user expressed that “Truly a Legend in delivering Legends,” and another fan stated, “Perfect, you deserve it.” Other fans mentioned that “Hani Rambad was a sculptor in his past life۰۰۰” and “Hany Rambod the kingmaker.


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One fan was excited about the upcoming contest and said, “This upcoming O is going to be one for the books, the current champs are at their best and those lions climbing the mountain have never been hungrier, this is going to be a freaking battle.” As the competition is getting near, the excitement of the game has been increasing rapidly. Who you’re rooting for, let us know in the comment section.

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