“Tommy Fury’s Kinda Strong”: Days Before His Big Fight Against KSI, GOAT Ronnie Coleman Gets Astonished by 24 YO Boxer’s Strength

The realm of bodybuilding and fitness has an enormous variety of interesting events. Sports enthusiasts are considered to be the most fit individuals. Recently, something unusual happened that caught the attention of bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman, who won the eight-time Mr. Olympia title in a row. Coleman uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he talked about a collaboration between two athletes who represent different sports: Professional boxer Tommy Fury and former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall.

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Bodybuilding legend found this collaboration quite interesting and shared his opinion with his followers. Fury’s appearance with Hall might help to clear his head before the match between him and KSI. Let’s find out what legend said about this unique partnership.

Ronnie Coleman opines upon Tommy Fury and Eddie Hall’s partnership


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Hall and Fury collaborated for workout sessions where they both did incline dumbbell presses in ascending orders. Started with lightweight dumbbell plates and then increased to the higher weights. This friendly alliance grabbed Coleman’s attention while reviewing the video he kind of supports the professional boxer.

Coleman said during the video, “Tommy Fury Kind of strong, looking good..” He further mentioned that “Pretty impressive list so Tommy I’ll say is pretty strong for a boxer.” He didn’t expect that Fury has that kind of stamina to compete with Eddie Hall.

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The 59-year-old said after seeing their performance he couldn’t believe his eyes. The young boxer had so much strength and prowess. He was extremely impressed with his performance. At the end of the video, he invited Fury to collaborate with him in the near future.  However, the 24-year-old has already made a wave in the boxing industry. Earlier this year, he defeated Jake Paul. Since then, a YouTuber-cum-boxer, KSI challenged him to fight.

The Clash between a pro boxer and a YouTuber

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The upcoming fight between KSI and British Boxer has become a big deal worldwide. The fans are rooting for both opponents however, the question remains constant that KSI has the ability to defeat the champion. Nevertheless, KSI is showing his confidence in himself and gives a warning to Fury several times.


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Evidently, this fight is crucial for both. KSI is in a race to prove he is the greater fighter than Fury and will end the doubts surrounding him for his abilities and skills. On the other hand, the pro boxer is determined to succeed no matter what. This six-round welterweight encounter is expected on October 14. The battle between these two will take place at the Manchester Arena. Who will conquer the fight? What’s your opinion about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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