“Thor or Zac Efron Is on Stuff”: Alleged Fake Natty Mike O’Hearn Remark on Hollywood Superstars Days After Expert Exposed Their “Worst Kept” Secrets

The controversy of whether the fitness influencers are as natural as they claim or are steroid-infused will always persist in the industry of bodybuilding. The primary reason behind this is most certainly because of their inclination towards attaining unachievable goals. However, this stereotype that has infiltrated the field only owns its roots because of a certain number of such unethical practices, however, the whole fitness community now pays for those conducts.

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Rumours say that the Seven Times Fitness Model of the Year, Mike O’Hearn is not a natty. In the same light, most of the audience presumes certain actors to be on steroids just because they have mind-blowing sculpted physiques.

Mike O’Hearn’s denial blows off rumours


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In his latest Podcast episode, titled, “Mike O’Hearn: Actors Are NOT On Steroids”, O’Hearn chiefly focuses on actors’ fitness and how it is viewed in both their profession and among the ordinary public. While being in the discussion, O’Hearn pointed out, “People are saying, I mean, they say these actors are on stuff.” The 54-year-old Titan then name-drops the alleged steroid-infused actor Ryan Reynolds.

O’Hearn’s voices complete denial of such rumors. He further commented on the matter by saying, “Thor or Zac Efron is on stuff. And it’s like oh my gosh, right that’s just, you’re just trying to get some kind of news .”

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While people’s views are on one side, one of the reputable directors of a clinic research center pointed out how the MCU actors might actually have a seemingly logical reason for their fitness.


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Expert reveals the shocking truth behind MCU actors

Dr. Todd Schroeder commented on his belief that MCU actors must indeed have connections with PED usage. According to him, he sees a deliberate percentage of actors relying upon those drugs to enhance their physique. He pinpointed, “I would say that fifty to seventy-five percent do”. Thus adhering to the allegedly “Worst-Kept secrets” of the Marvel actors, he calls them out.

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It is expected an accusation for all the well-built individuals in the community get attacked for their achievements. Whether they have taken any drugs to reach their peak or they have tried hard enough to be successful is often overlooked. Do you think Chris Hemsworth or Zac Efron is on PEDs? Let us know in the comments.

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