“This Video Was Horrifying”: A Tragic Incident at the Gym Due to ‘Ego Lifting’ Leaves the Fitness World Worried

With the advent and vigorous growth in competitions in the world of bodybuilding, most athletes are often seen ego lifting in the gym without protection or proper gear. Well, this, visibly is one of the primary reasons so as to why there have been several devastating news in the realm of the sport.

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Well, there is nothing that is spared by the eyes of the IFBB Pro coach. Greg Doucette, who ensures that he points out anyone going against the rules of the fitness world, pointed out another fitness enthusiast and called him out for his ego lifting. 

Greg Doucette gets mad for ego-lifting 


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Greg Doucette took to his official YouTube channel, @gregdoucette, and shared a video of a gym goer who was trying to attempt a one-rep Max bench press and miserably failed at it. To add to the tragedy, he had no spotter around.

Taking to this, the IFBB Pro coach unveils all the devastating news that is spreading across the fitness community because of such mishaps. He captioned the video, “Tragedy on the bench press.” Well, where is the lie? In the video, the athlete tries pulling out one rep of a heavy bench press, and as he tries bringing the rod down, he gets imbalanced.

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This is where he gets stuck and breaks a nerve. Well, taking to this, Greg Doucette points out how it is always better to have a great prevention than curing something, especially when at the gym. The entire fitness community came together to support him on this.

The fitness community hails in support of Greg Doucette

The bodybuilding community was left absolutely worried watching the gym goer perform the one rep max bench press challenge. One of them, absolutely horrified by the video commented, “This video was horrifying”. Another one, suggesting prevention gears wrote, “You just need to not use collars and if you’re failing don’t lower it to your neck lower it to your stomach…”


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A follower, taking to all the dooming incidents in the bodybuilding world, wrote, “Bodybuilding is dying as fast as the competitors…”, another expressing the same emotion commented, “People die doing weird stuff all the time .” What are your thoughts on the trail of cases about ego lifting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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