“This Is the Dumbest Sh*t I Ever Heard”: Bodybuilder’s Advice on Building a Physique Naturally, Starts a Commotion Among Netizens

In the world of bodybuilding, it is quite essential to have an authentic and proven way of training one’s body. No one in the community can deny the benefits of advice and suggestions that bodybuilders with experience give to the next generation. However, with social media and fitness influencers being more accessible, the community gets bombarded with suggestions and tips. So much so that it becomes hard for them to choose the right one and discard the questionable ones.

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The self-claimed Drug-free bodybuilder who had been a former Royal Marines Commando, William Charters riled up a controversy by deciding to suggest some fitness regimes that were extremely opposite of the usual norms.

William Charters’s advice on the perfect fitness routine


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In a recent Instagram reel, @charters_william shared some controversial recommendations with his fans. In the video, he talked about how if one wants to build a solid good physique, they must not segment their workout sessions for different body parts. Instead, they should train for their entire body as a whole. Furthermore, he ventured to advise how one should take gaps between their session. He remarked, “Take 48 hours rest between training sessions”. He added, “Do not train every single day”.


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Charters also talked about an individual’s food habits. He specifically said, “Don’t try and eat like a bodybuilder… You need to eat three meals a day, that’s it.” William Charters then concluded in support of protein shake consumption.

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When fans get to see Charter’s list of suggestions, they all get segregated from each other in regard to whether or not to follow his guidelines. The clear defining differences of opinions were recorded in Charters’ comments.


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Charters gets mixed responses from his fans

One of the fans went on to judge Charters’s statement and said, “This is the dumbest s**t I’ve ever heard.” While another fan accused him, saying, “Dude thinks everyone has 3 hours to work out. The reason why you split body parts isn’t because of drugs it’s because of time, and you can workout the next body parts the next day.” But the whole community was not particularly skeptical about it. One of them said, “Every human is unique and different, each one requires different stimulus and input and will produce different output.” While a few other fans saw the potential in the information. One remarked, “Good info. Where would you add sprints/running? Separate days or on the same day as weightlifting?” Yet another stated, “Interesting approach. Can’t go wrong.”

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Bodybuilding is a risky game if one mistakenly chooses the wrong way to train their body. The entire process, if prolonged, can, in fact, ruin one’s physique altogether. That’s the reason why most people do not instantly decide upon a new method they come across. Do you think one needs 48 hours of a resting period after every workout session? Let us know in the comments below.

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