“This Is Real Body Positivity”: With a Paralyzed Left Arm Post Coma, Snowboarder’s Dedication to Fitness Wins Over Internet

When you’re really passionate about something, it can help you overcome tough challenges and make those challenges seem less daunting. That’s exactly what happened with an incredibly skilled snowboarder known as Arcdelio.

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Arcdelio met with a horrific accident while doing what he absolutely loves, snowboarding, which was recently demonstrated by his recent post online, and his story indeed left a huge mark on the entire bodybuilding community, establishing the true powers of dedication and determination.

Arcdelio: The epitome of inspiration 


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Arcdelio recently took to his official YouTube account @arcdelio, and shared a video of himself, compiling some snippets from his daily workout and narrating the story that led to his disparity. He talks about himself in the third person throughout the video while posing and flexing his muscular physique.

He begins the video by saying, “This guy has an incredible physique despite being paralyzed in his left arm. He was in a snowmobile accident, ended up in a coma, and woke up with a paralyzed arm and still goes to the gym.”

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He goes on to talk about how optimistic he is in life, highlighting not only the fact that he still continues to work out but is also humorous about the whole incident. The video left the entire fitness community in a frenzy and flooded the post with comments of encouragement for the young athlete.

Fans reacting to the video of Arcdelio

The entire Internet community came together and showered the post of Arcdelio with love and respect with comments like, “As someone who tore his right shoulder ligament 2 months back I can understand and respect his mental resilience to bounce back” and “bro lost one arm but doubled his strength on the other one. Such a legend!”


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A lot of people commented on the commendable job that he is doing of spreading body positivity, with comments of affirmation like, “This is real body positivity.” and “Now this is the body positivity I want to see. Not making excuses but pushing through despite having a legitimate excuse.” Another fan, taking to his exceptionally positive approach towards life, simply wrote, “This is a true message of positivity please keep going Arc.” What are your thoughts on the story of Arcdelio? Let us know in the comments section below!

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