“This Is Peak Clown Work”: Exercise Scientist Passes Shocking Verdict on GOAT LeBron James’ Weight Training

In recent times, weight training has become a norm thanks to the gym outlets that have become extremely popular in the past decade. Furthermore, Hollywood and sports celebrities made ripped physiques a denomination of strength and beauty. Watching them on screen made fans curious about their training regimes. 

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Soon, YouTube has become a hub for training videos of celebrities. Popular YouTube channel Men’s Health posted LeBron James’ weight training routine, a couple of years ago. Now, the Exercise Scientist, Dr. Mike Israetel, scrutinized the exercise routine of the Lakers G.O.A.T.

Dr. Mike Israetel about LeBron James’ unique training technique


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The fitness arena found its footing in the social media arena with its unique trends and weight loss challenges. While celebrities and fitness enthusiasts share secrets to their toned physique, the exercise scientist is on a crusade to bust such false claims. 

Dr. Mike Israetel often shares videos reviewing celebrity fitness programs, and this time, he picked up a LeBron James training video uploaded by Men’s Health. While adding details to workouts specified by the NBA’s trainer, the professor came across a unique gym stunt where James was seen balancing himself on a gym ball while holding kettlebells in his hands. 

If there’s an exercise that’s more of a clown show, circus exercise, I’ve never seen it! This is peak clown work,” he said in dismay. Israetel also stated that the entire exercise could only serve as a “trick on social media.” A few Hollywood celebrity training regimes have already come under the scanner of Exercise Scientist. 

The Professor criticizes Michael B. Jordan’s workout routine

Hollywood makes films bankable by action stunts and superhero performances. To be in the MCU franchise, actors train hard to get into a ripped avatar. The Blank Panther star, Michael B. Jordan, impressed the audience with his appearance but failed to impress the Exercise Scientist with his workout techniques. 


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The Creed actor once claimed that training improves conditioning and explosion while performing some dumbbell curves, but the Exercise Scientist disagreed and added, “Not good for conditioning nor for explosion. It is good for making your biceps bigger.”

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While the fitness world is saturated with fads online, Dr. Michael Israetel is bringing more perspective to training regimes that could guide fitness enthusiasts in the right way. Do you agree with this? Let us know in the comments below. 

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